There’s something about the water…

Lily is a water girl…she must have known this goes along with being a Rankin.  So thankful that God gave us a little girl who loves the water as much as we do.  

I started with a brown tub on the back porch…she was content with her “pool” and playing with plastic tubs in the water. 

Even Spencer had fun taking a dip in the “pool”.

Then we bought some “liquidator” soakers and had some more family fun one night…of course I was off limits because of the camera!

On Father’s Day Michael upgraded her pool status to a “real” pool and blew it up for her to enjoy!  You can see her beaming with joy as she explored the water. 

When Spencer came over and saw the new addition he decided to join in the fun with Lily. 

We “upgraded” again to a bigger pool…the LAKE…which she is crazy about.  Michael’s family has a lake house about an hour away and we all enjoy getting away from life as we know it to enjoy the serenity and beauty that awaits us on the water. 

Lily with "Granda"

On July 4th weekend my brother-in-law invested in the “WAM” (a.k.a. waste of money) for his kiddos and I must admit...it brought out the kid in all of us.  We all had fun doing flips and the kids enjoyed their tube ride behind the boat. 

There is something about the water that refreshes the soul...that washes over us to make all things new…that quenches our thirst. 

I wake up every morning to see the sun’s reflection on the water in our back yard and I am reminded of the beauty of our amazing Father who pursues us…who ties us with knots of love…and leads us with cords of human kindness. 

I love to get up early and run in the mornings. 

The past few weeks God has been teaching me some lessons about the water. 

Jesus said…”whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty forever.  The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”  (John 4:14)

I love to be drenched in the water when I’m up at the lake but what about my day to day life?…do I just take  “dip” into God’s word each day or do I desire to be soaking in His truth so that it overflows in every part of me?

Sometimes I desire the natural water more than the living water that Christ has to offer. 

When I only put my finger into God’s word I miss out on the abundant blessings He has for me.  

Oh…that I would be drenching with the word of God and thirst for Him more than any other thing this world has to offer. 

Lord…open the eyes of my heart to see you and drink from the only source that will never leave me thirsty.    

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