Breaking through the silence...

BLOG frame and paris smile

Two years ago today, God broke the silence with an unexpected call from our agency saying they had a little girl for our family to consider.

This smile and the light in her eyes captivated me from the first time I saw this sweet face.

BLOG holding bucket with smile

Lily's eyes and smile still melt my heart.

BLOG looking up by door

She is full of wonder and curiosity.

BLOG holding bucket by door

Beauty and grace.

God has filled our bucket to overflowing and I am humbled daily by His provision and love.

BLOG looking at her picture

In the midst of the unexpected gift of seeing this beautiful little girl for the first time, if I am honest...fear was also stirring in my heart.

What will life be like for her?

Will she be teased or shunned by others because of her differences?

Will she grow up secure in knowing she is a beautiful child of the King?

Will she be able to communicate clearly?

Will the doctors be able to minimize her scaring?

Do we have what it takes to meet all her needs?

The list went on and on in my mind and yet God gently reminded me not to question but to trust Him.

When my sister saw her picture for the first time she said "You HAVE to have her... I'm already falling in love."

BLOG pulling back hair

I was too, and over time, God wiped away my fears and He has proven over and over again that HE will supply all my needs.

BLOG looking down with bucket on rocks

I stand in awe of His wonder and majesty and ask for His forgiveness for my lack of faith.

BLOG tongue sticking out

Lily has a personality as big as her smile and there is just something about her that people are drawn to.

BLOG looking down with baret

Maybe it is her sweet and sassy side...
BLOG looking down on path

Her need for independence and her determined spirit...
BLOG lily looking straight ahead

Her big brown eyes that look deep into your soul...
BLOG smile with baret

Or her smile that will light up any room.
BLOG standing on rock

Lily Grace Yuexin...I love every part of who God created you to be and I am grateful for the way you have changed my life.

Thankful that God designed our referral day fall on the same day as my sister's birthday!
Happy Birthday sweet friend...I love you!

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