Sunday Snapshot {disheveled princess}


Our little princess was looking quite disheveled after one really good meltdown.  

BLOG bottom lip up by fence

We took her back to Brookgreen Gardens (see my previous post) and on the way there she even said "Lily no sad". 

She was happy as could be until I took her out of her wagon...guess she forgot about the "no sad" deal she made with me :).  She LOVES the wagon that we take her in to the beach and it was not in her plan for me to take her out of it...guess I forgot to inform her of my plan :)

Tears erupted and I'm sure the people enjoying to the evening concert in the gardens were not amused with our little princess!

BLOG sad face with crown

Once the tears subsided I was getting ready to "fix her up" before taking any pictures but decided to capture a few expressions of our disheveled little girl.  

I'm so glad I did.  

BLOG profile by the fence

There is something about these pictures that draw me in and melt my heart.  

These are honest, real, emotions...captured in the moment.  

BLOG close up smelling flowers

This is a lot like me at times...

I try to "fix myself up" and look the part when God sees my disheveled, broken heart.  

He doesn't want me to come to Him trying to look perfect.

All He asks is that I come...

broken and willing to be changed....

submitting "my plan" to HIS desires for my life.

BLOG looking up at mom

II Timothy 4:8 says...

"there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that Day..."  

BLOG looking down at flowers

a crown of righteousness for me...
a sinner, broken and in need of a Savior.  

BLOG looking through the gate

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trail, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him."  James 1:12

BLOG arch in garden

the crown of life...

BLOG crowing gaga

...waiting for you and for me.  

BLOG kissing gaga

Camera: Cannon 5D Mark iii
85 mm f/1.2
Settings for the first picture
SS 1/200
ISO 500

Photos were process using some "add some drama" from 
Florabella's Classic Color and a little texture from 
Sarah Gardner's Beyond the Lens texture set.  

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Ni Hao Yall


Lovely light

BLOG lily pads

Just down the street from my parent's condo is a place called Brookgreen Gardens which is a dream setting for photographers.

The gardens were spectacular...the lighting was perfection..and our "subject"...well, let's just say she was hot, hungry and not in the mood for taking any pictures!

She ended up going back to the car with my Dad while Mom and I walked around making note of some great places to take pictures the following night in hopes we had a happy girl :)

After leaving the gardens we headed down to the Wacamaw River to watch the sunset.

BLOG please don't make me face

Lily's sad, "I don't want to be here" face slowly turned to smiles as the evening light filled the sky.

BLOG dancing in the grass

My mom made this beautiful dress Lily is wearing. I think we have a great system going...I find the fabrics and patterns and then she puts her expertise to work and creates the amazing outcome! Of course, I think Lily and I get the better end of the deal :)

BLOG dancing on bench

Lily had fun climbing on the bench and peeking through the ironwork.

BLOG knees on the bench peeking through

Wonder what she is thinking about here?

BLOG smirk on the bench

BLOG back to me on the bench

My mom was standing nearby trying to get her to smile making "happy" and "sad" faces moving her hand up and down across her face.

BLOG finger pointing out

Lily decided to join in...

BLOG hand over face

BLOG blowing kisses

BLOG sweet smile

This picture is a little hazy and blurred but it speaks of the love these two share which makes me smile.

BLOG mom and lily

Lily found the plastic bag that I have been using to keep my camera from fogging up with the difference in temperature indoors and outdoors.

If you have never tried using this method I highly recommend it, especially if you live in a place with high humidity!

BLOG playing with bag

All in all it was a great night...even if I didn't get the pictures I would have loved to capture in the gardens. 

BLOG looking at me

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the long road


Ruffles...lace...and a Dora tea set on the beach

BLOG standing up with romper

This morning Lily and I said goodbye to the "boys".  Lily gave me the "sad" sign at breakfast when I was telling her they wouldn't be here to play because Spencer had to be at football practice.  

Even though it was short...our time together as a family was refreshing and full of great memories.  

Since she was up early and the morning was cooler and overcast I decided to take her down to the beach for some pictures.

BLOG romper turning sideways

My parents had a bed FULL of toys, books and clothes waiting for Lily when we arrived at the beach last Saturday. 

The Dora tea set was among the many treasures and Lily has become quite taken with it since we have been here.

BLOG back of romper with lace leggings

She was busy going back and forth from the ocean to the sand filling up her tea cups and playing on the sand.

BLOG looking under legs

She kept leaning over and looking through her legs and when she saw me take her picture this next pose is what I got...

BLOG looking over shoulder smiling

Oh...she makes me laugh and this smile makes missing my sunshine a little more bearable.  

Lily and I are enjoying our time with my parents and she is getting plenty of individual attention :)  

I'm sure she will be in withdrawal by the time we go home but it is worth it and she LOVES her Gaga and Papaw.  

More pictures to come with Lily and her two favorite guys!


Sunday Snapshot {Sweet love}


This picture melts my heart.

Spencer adores his little sister and as you can see the feeling is mutual with Lily.

The love that radiates on his smile makes my heart full.

I didn't ask him to pose...this is just what happens when these two are together:)

BLOG spencer close up texture

Spencer will be in 7th grade this fall. He is growing up right before our eyes and we are so proud of him.

BLOG spencer sitting looking up

We love his smile, his musical talent and easy going spirit!

BLOG spencer with glasses

He makes us laugh

BLOG spencer looking up with glasses

his eyes never cease to captivate me...(ahhh if only I could have some eyelashes like those:)

BLOG looking up at plane

He knows what Lily loves (like finding planes in the air)

BLOG lily in spencer's lap

He is patient when I take pictures and he is becoming interested in learning more so he can give it a try :)

The other day he said he had a dream that we would go into business together one day and he would do video and I would be the photographer!    

BLOG spencer looking at lily texture

He helps out when Lily is getting tired and ready to call it quits:)

BLOG spencer and lily with glasses

and he shares his favorite things with her to make her smile...

BLOG spencer looking up at lily with glasses

Lily is one blessed little girl to have such a loving big brother!

BLOG lily with glasses

We are humbled and so thankful that the Lord entrusted these two precious gifts to us.  Our prayer is that we raise them love and pursue Him more each day.  

The first picture was taken with my 
Nikon D80 50mm 1.4 lens

My settings were
aperture: f/2.8
shutter speed: 1/500
ISO: 160

I did some curves and levels and then ran Florabella's "add some drama" at lower opacity and some soft center fill light.  I also added her Vintage Page II bw texture.  

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Happy Sunday everyone!  

Ni Hao Yall


Favorite Photo Friday {4th of July highlights}

Michael went for a bike ride early Wednesday morning and my friend Amy came over to have breakfast with Lily and me. She brought some yummy turkey bacon from Trader Joe's and Lily has been asking for it ever since :)

When Michael got home we headed down the street to watch a neighborhood parade.

BLOG laughing in wagon

We are new to this neighborhood so I didn't get the memo that it was a parade for kids riding bikes all decked out in red, white and blue!

Oh well...at least we had a red wagon!

At the finish of the parade one of the neighbors hosted an ice cream truck that gave out free treats for all!

BLOG holding on to daddy

Lily was taking it all in and not quite sure what to think about it.

Her serious face quickly changed once her daddy tore open the bomb pop wrapper and showed her what to do! (her first time to have a popsicle)

daddy's first bite

Getting ready to take her first bite!

first bite

The eyes say it all in this one...

BLOG open mouth with bomb pop

Lily doesn't like sticky things on her hands so I think she was trying to figure out how to stay clean and enjoy her new treat :)

starting to melt

Good to the last bite...

nearing the end

That night we grilled out hamburgers and our friend Lizabeth came over to join us for the evening.

We loaded up Lily in the wagon with chairs and blankets and headed down the street to watch the fireworks or as Lily says "boom...boom...boom".


Lily did great...she was mesmerized by the colors and sound. They were literally right over top of us which made for a perfect way to celebrate our first firework show with our girl :)

lily watching fireworks

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Have a great weekend!

the long road
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