Favorite Photo Friday {4th of July highlights}

Michael went for a bike ride early Wednesday morning and my friend Amy came over to have breakfast with Lily and me. She brought some yummy turkey bacon from Trader Joe's and Lily has been asking for it ever since :)

When Michael got home we headed down the street to watch a neighborhood parade.

BLOG laughing in wagon

We are new to this neighborhood so I didn't get the memo that it was a parade for kids riding bikes all decked out in red, white and blue!

Oh well...at least we had a red wagon!

At the finish of the parade one of the neighbors hosted an ice cream truck that gave out free treats for all!

BLOG holding on to daddy

Lily was taking it all in and not quite sure what to think about it.

Her serious face quickly changed once her daddy tore open the bomb pop wrapper and showed her what to do! (her first time to have a popsicle)

daddy's first bite

Getting ready to take her first bite!

first bite

The eyes say it all in this one...

BLOG open mouth with bomb pop

Lily doesn't like sticky things on her hands so I think she was trying to figure out how to stay clean and enjoy her new treat :)

starting to melt

Good to the last bite...

nearing the end

That night we grilled out hamburgers and our friend Lizabeth came over to join us for the evening.

We loaded up Lily in the wagon with chairs and blankets and headed down the street to watch the fireworks or as Lily says "boom...boom...boom".


Lily did great...she was mesmerized by the colors and sound. They were literally right over top of us which made for a perfect way to celebrate our first firework show with our girl :)

lily watching fireworks

To see more Favorite Friday pictures head over to my friend Lisa at The Long Road to China.

Have a great weekend!

the long road


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