silks, umbrellas and sister love

I'm a little late posting these, but Chinese New Year ends this Thursday with the
lantern festival so technically I'm even a little early :)  

This is the year of the goat (or sheep).
The Chinese lunar calendar is associated with the Chinese zodiac which has 12 animal signs.  
Michael is the sheep in our family..."shy" and "creative".
I'll let those of you who know him decide if you think this fits his personality :)
Last week I went to Lily's school to read a story and talk about Chinese New Year.
Mary Katherine came along and wanted to do everything just like the "big kids".  
We have been home a little over two months with our sweet girl.  
You can see from these pictures that she watches everything her big sister does and tries to imitate it.  
She is very curious and loves to explore (mostly with things she knows she isn't supposed to have...cell phones, guitar picks, pens...you get the idea)
She will have it in her hand and then put both hands behind her back and bring out one empty hand 
as if to say, "what? not me?" 
It makes us laugh every time and her eyes and expressions are really hard to resist :))
She is a sticker girl...she loves to put stickers on her nose, tummy, clothes, furniture, floors, etc.  
You name it and she will find a place to put it.  
Stickers saved us on the flight home from China...she has loved them since day one:)
She adores her Jie Jie and most of the time wants her right by her side
but she definitely isn't shy about letting her know when she doesn't want Lily in her space.  
I love to step back and listen to the giggles and laughter as they play in their room together.  
The bond of sisterhood is already forming and it makes my heart full.  
In this picture Lily and Mary Katherine were singing our verse for the month and doing the motions for "love the Lord your God with all your heart".
It brings me great joy to see Lily wanting to teach her little sister how to hide God's word in her heart.  
Our little miracle girl continues to amaze us in every way. 
Michael calls her our "kissing bandit" because she loves to pucker up her little lips and 
give kisses that will melt your heart.    
And those eyes...oh my.
They get me every time.  
Even when they have a hint of mischief or spunk behind them :)
My prayer is that their love for each other continues to grow
not only as sisters but as best friends.  

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."
Matthew 22:37  
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