Favorite Photo Friday- First day of preschool

BLOG double eating breakfast

Lily woke up yesterday morning eager to start her first day of preschool!

She had a breakfast picnic with quiche and yogurt while listening to Third Day's 
"Children of God" on my phone.

After I got her ready we went outside for a few pictures before we headed off to school.
BLOG looking up first day sign

She wasn't very excited to take pictures because she was focused on leaving for her first day of school.

BLOG toms shoes

This is her first pair of TOMS and I love them...especially their "one for one" mission of giving back a pair of shoes to a child in need. Love it when my purchases have a purpose behind them.

BLOG look at new shoes

I think she likes them too...she kept saying "new koos"..."new koos" (still working on her "s" sounds)

BLOG sweet smile in chair

I finally got her to smile by singing her favorite new song...three little monkeys.

BLOG peeking over board with smile

She joined right in with the motions and a big smile.

BLOG joyful smile

BLOG lily board with big smile

BLOG big smile in the chair

Here she is with her alligator hand "snapping" the little monkeys deep inside :)

BLOG 147 big smile

Love our 147 million orphan bag we use for school.
It perfect for her "happy nappy" and extra change of clothes.

BLOG lily and miss niese

Lily walked into class and made herself right at home getting started with arts and crafts. 
 She has two teachers...Ms. Niese...

BLOG lily and miss judy

...and Ms. Judy.
 Although Lily looks a bit scared in these picture she was actually quite content and didn't even say goodbye to me when I left because she was busy working :)

BLOG double

When I picked her up Ms. Judy said she had a great day and loved the writing center and cutting with scissors. I laughed when I saw that she ended up with an extra hair clip in her hair. 
(I'm sure you can guess which one since it doesn't match anything she has on!)

The adorable owl card she is holding was from her Aunt Lizzy, Uncle Mark and Zack...
they gave her a little happy for her first day of school.  

BLOG double cutting

When I asked Lily what she liked best she said "cutting"...so we pulled out some scissors when we got home and she had fun cutting paper for about an hour!


I think this face says it all...a joyful, happy little girl indeed!

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the long road


Pawley's Island highlights

BLOG spencer pulling lily

At low tide, there is usually a wonderful tide pool that forms on the beach.

Spencer wanted to pull Lily on his boogie board but she was content with building sandcastles in the sand and didn't want any part of it.

After a little prodding she decided to give it a try and then she was hooked!

She was grinning from ear to ear, laughing and sticking out her tongue to feel the wind against her face.

BLOG spencer hugging lily
She took a spill face forward off the board into the water and her big bro was right there to give her a consoling hug to make it all better. 
Even her tumble didn't stop her and today these are some of her favorite videos to watch on my phone. BLOG dad and lily with phone on beach

My dad and Lily have a special bond. She knows how to sweet talk her way into getting him to share his phone and watch a few shows on TV that she doesn't get to watch at home :) BLOG falling asleep on papaw
She also loves to snuggle up to him when she is tired or watching TV with him...I think my Dad loves it just as much as she does. 
He loves teaching her new things and helping reinforce her speech goals (he is the one who taught her how to say "I love you...aka "I wawa woo".  
One night while we were watching the Olympics he taught her how to catch a balloon.  We have had a lot of fun with this since we came home.

BLOG playing with gaga

Lily also LOVES her Gaga! My mom gets down on her level and helps her build sandcastles until her little heart is content.

  BLOG mom and lily at franks

You can see them walking hand in hand often. Lily totally soaks up all the extra attention she receives when we go down there to visit :)
(The beautiful dress she has on is one my mom made for her and I am thankful for every stitch of love that goes into it.  )
   BLOG spencer in the sun 

Spencer prefers body surfing, skim boarding or soaking up a few rays while he is on the beach but he also got some special treatment from my parents when they took him out shopping for some clothes while Michael and I had a date night out. BLOG deb michael and lily

We got the added treat of being able to see my sister and her husband one day while we were there. I don't get to see her very often so it was a special gift to hang out with her on the beach for a day. BLOG deb playing with lily

Lily also loved playing with her Aunt Debbie making play dough ice cream cones :) BLOG smiles in the water

Our little girl has no fear when it comes to the waves.
 She loved going out with Michael into the ocean and having the waves crash against her.

  BLOG michael holding lily in water 

She definitely feels safe in his arms.

  BLOG lily playing in the sand 

 The boys headed back home a few days early so
Lily and enjoyed some extended time with my parents.

 BLOG lily looking into ocean 

Maybe she is dreaming about the ice cream boat.
 He came by the first day we were there and she and Spencer enjoyed a tasty treat on the beach:)

  BLOG lily looking down

One of the many special gifts that awaited Lily on her bed were these Tinkerbell pj's!
 They rank as one of her favorites and I wash them frequently!BLOG lily on boardwalk
I think this picture is a great reflection of our week at the beach with my parents...peaceful, quiet, refreshing and simple.
What a gift it was to be together as family and spend some quality time with my parents.
Thank you Mom and Dad for creating fun family memories we will treasure for years to come.
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