Sunday Snapshot {some chucks and glorious light}

BLOG looking down at apple

I have had my eye on this spot for several weeks now.  
 I pass it every time we drive home and the evening light this time of year is just beautiful.
I love how the light is shining through her dress and reflecting off the tip of the apple.  

BLOG lifting dress up

On Thursday, I loaded up Lily in the stroller (chucks in tow) and we headed down to snap a few pictures.

BLOG sunflare with hat and apple

Lily calls this her "cool hat" and loves to play with it so I brought it along thinking it would be a good source of entertainment.  
The rainbow sun flare was straight out of the camera...such a fun surprise to find when I downloaded them.

BLOG just hands holding apple

I am taking another photography class with my friend and mentor Lisa.  I love to continue learning and pushing myself to do better.  My personal goal right now is to work on getting tack sharp focus... especially on moving targets like our Lils!

BLOG holding apple centered
On this one I was focusing on her little hands...love how they are perfectly wrapped around the apple.

Seeing her holding the apple in these pictures reminded me of the verse in Psalm...
"Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings."
Psalm 17:8
BLOG holding apple looking at me
I was certain that I didn't have anything worthy of posting from this photo shoot since we were only there about 15 minutes.  
BLOG holding hat looking down
Lily was getting tired and soon after we started she was ready to get into her stroller and head back home.  

Thankfully the light cooperated without any resistance:)) 

Linking up with Stefanie's Sunday Snapshots.  

Taken with my Mark 5D iii, 85 mm 1.2
settings varied from f/1.8-3.5
 the first image was
ISO 250

Processed with Florabella's Color Play using perfect color at reduced opacity.  
I added a texture and one of Florabella's light overlays also at reduced opacity.  

Ni Hao Yall


Favorite Photo Friday {7th grade SWAG}

1LESS BLOG sitting on the bench

This post is LONG overdue.

A few months ago, Michael stayed at home with Lily so I could take some pictures of Spencer. We headed downtown for a little urban fun! It was the first time in quite awhile that it was just the two of us together!

I let Spencer go through and pick out his favorite pictures 
and he gave me specific quotes he wanted me to post with each :))

So here goes..

1LESS BLOG spencer swag

"Don't sweat my SWAG."

1LESS BLOG cant touch this

"Don't know what I'm doing. Im just staring at the camera."

1LESS BLOG holding up the wall

"This is a heavy wall."

Oh...the humor of a 7th grader...

Here are a few of my favorites...

1LESS BLOG spencer in yellow shirt

Spencer loves life and has an easy going personality that draws others to him.

1LESS BLOEG spencer with skull headphones close up

His can be goofy and crazy...

BLOG tripple dancing

He is always introducing me to new types of music and definitely has some serious rhythm!

BLOG tripple spencr

He has many faces and expressions...these were typical of what I got that night...

1LESS BLOG spencer funny face with headphones
His captivating eyes are the window to his soul.  

Hard to believe in just a few months he will be a teenager.  

He is such a blessing to our family and we are so proud of him.  

He recently posted this...

The real meaning of SWAG...Saved With Amazing Grace!  

Now that is the kind of SWAG I don't mind posting about.  

Linking up to Lisa's Favorite Photo Friday!  Be sure and take a look.  

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