Since it has been three months since my last post 
(once you read maybe you will understand the reason for my "sabbatical"), 
I thought this would be a perfect way to get back into my blog groove...

From the moment Spencer held Lily in his arms, they have been smitten with each other.

Spencer is very patient and loving to Lily and she absolutely adores her big brother. 
 It is a bond that isn’t forced…it comes straight from the heart.


We have had the privilege of watching the transformation that takes place when there is one less broken heart…
one less child in need of the love a family can give.


And yet there are still millions of orphans who wait…. who have never experienced the love of a family.


I heard these words last November at a Show Hope event and I have been wrestling with them ever since. God has been stirring our hearts and showing up in ways that wasn’t on our radar, that wasn’t in our plans. Yet, how can I argue with a Sovereign God whose ways are higher than my ways, whose thoughts are not my own?

I have a choice to push it aside or choose to surrender.  

I will share more about the details of how God has been working in a later post but for now enjoy the excitement of one big and little person who have some fun news to share with you!




We are ready to love one more and look forward to seeing God’s plan unfold.
(our home study is now complete, dossier files are ready and paperwork is headed to USCIS!!)

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