Home with our girl {one month + a few days}

One month ago (+ a few days) our 30+ hour day of travel came to an end as we were greeted by family and friends who welcomed us home with our little girl.  
There really are no words to describe the feeling of being home.  

I look at this picture and stand in awe of the One who orchestrated every detail of our journey to place this little girl in our forever family.  Not only is she our daughter she is THE little one who captured our hearts and whose picture was on our refrigerator for over a year.  The little one we prayed for daily always hoping but never imagining that she would be ours.  What an amazing God we serve who can move mountains to accomplish what in our minds and hearts may seem impossible.  
We came home just in time for Christmas...another answer to prayer and a glimpse of the miracles we see God working in this little one's life. Mary Katherine was in awe of the lights and ornaments, Lily loved wrapping gifts with her Gaga, some sister love on Christmas Eve, MK in her high chair...one of her favorite places to be...this girl loves any and all foods and the first of many more "lap love" moments with her Papaw.   
Our Christmas was small but perfect in every way.  I would have been just as thrilled with no gifts under the tree.
God, His word and people are what matter most and outside of the gift of Jesus, our newest blessing is the gift that makes our family complete.  The way her eyes disappear when she smiles like little crescent moons melt my heart every time.  
I love the look of wonder and awe as she looks up to my mom and learns how roll the play dough in her hands. 
We spent Christmas afternoon with Michael's family.  She did great meeting everyone and warmed up especially to her uncle Tim.   That night we saw the effects of being overwhelmed and decided to lay low the next several weeks.
We had her first cardiologist appointment on December 31st uncertain of what news we would hear based on the severity of her heart condition.
On November 26th 2014 I wrote these words in my journal "You are doing so many miracles right before our eyes.  We stand in wide amazement.  There is nothing too great for you.  You have the power to allow all her heart conditions to be designed in such a way that she could have a bi-ventricular repair.  If that is your will reveal that in the days ahead.  If not, let us accept whatever journey you take us on regarding her heart and the steps needed for paliative care."
The first words we heard from her doctor was that he was hopeful that she would be a candidate for a bi-ventricular repair.
I wept as I heard these words.  Another way we see God's great hand at work in her life.
We will know more for certain after her heart cath on February 10th but we are so grateful for this hopeful news.
We also got the go ahead from her doctor to "train away" for night time.  We had been hesitant to let her get too worked up not knowing the extent of her heart condition so night time was a balance of staying by her crib until she went to sleep hoping we could tip toe out of the room without waking her up!
Since then we have had some hard nights but 3 week later she is sleeping through the night and going down in her own bed without any tears.  The girls share a room and MK especially loves it when her big sister goes to bed at the same time.
A week later she saw her pediatrician.  I love the way he put the crayons in between her toes to calm her during the exam.
She braved 4 shots and being poked twice for a blood draw.  We ended the day with her first trip to Publix and a stop at the bakery for her first chocolate chip cookie :))

The night after her cardiologist appointment she started saying "Eee yuv oo"  (aka "I love you").  What a gift to hear these words from our sweet girl so early on in her transition to our family. 

Lily loves to calm her little sister if she wakes up crying, Mary Katherine has had a "few" Target runs in the past month :), she loves to help me unload the dishwasher, she loves to raid my closet while I get ready in the morning, she wants to be front and center when I am cooking in the kitchen, she loves her jie jie (big sister) and wagon rides, Lily loves to help feed her at breakfast, and the girls love their special time with their daddy at night reading books and playing together.  

Mary Katherine is learning new words daily and Lily loves teaching her our verse for the month. (love her little belly that sticks out of most her shirts :))  

Sunshine was our best friend helping us re-adjust our clocks post China even if it was cold!
We have taken many a wagon ride the past month...it is a welcome treat for all when the walls begin closing in on us :))
Mary Katherine...you amaze us daily at your zest for life and ability to learn.  
You are full of life and such a determined little one who will overcome any obstacle you are given.  
We stand in awe of God's faithfulness and we are so blessed to call you our daughter.  

"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift"
2 Corinthians 9:15

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