Orange Crush


Lily started several new things recently, one of which is soccer. Last Saturday was her first game. She was grinning ear to ear and so excited to be on a team (the Orange Crush) with her own jersey! When she saw her number was "3" she said, next year it will be "4" because I'll be four!


You teach your kids to share and not take things away from others so the concept of taking the ball away from the other team is still something she is figuring out. She mainly likes to run and dance around the ball at this point which is pretty cute but not so helpful for making goals for her team :)

Her coaches are SUPER patient and encouraging and she always comes away from practice saying "I did such a good job!" At her last practice I was talking and missed her kick the ball in a goal and she came running over to me saying "Mommy, why didn't you clap for me?"...busted...she doesn't miss anything!!


Even in the extreme heat of the day she was smiling and having a ball which is what it is all about. fun...experience...and working together.

I love her joy for life and willingness to try new things.

No soccer game this weekend...we are headed up to the lake to enjoy some family time on the water.

Have a great holiday weekend!!

the long road


i heart faces {jump}

This is one of my favorite pictures from our beach trip this summer to visit my parents.  
We headed out at sunset to take some family pictures and in true Spencer fashion he decided 
he wanted to see how high he could jump over Lily.  Love her expression as she watches him do his thing :))  

Hoping to post more pictures from our beach fun soon.  

Photo Challenge Submission

This photo was submitted to the i heart faces photo challenge.  


Grapevine tea party for two


There is an old backstop that has a grapevine growing around it that I pass every time we go to church. I've been waiting for the right time to take some photos here and decided that my grandmother's birthday was the perfect day.

The chandelier was my original inspiration for these photos...my Mom made the fun rosettes to give it a vintage feel. She is like my Mimi...so gifted and always willing to share her talents with others.


I also took a tea set my grandmother gave me and the china plates she hand painted that just happened to have grapes on them...perfect for our setting!


Mimi would often write little notes on the bottom of things that she knew we loved. Lily is holding up the tea pot here with my grandmother's note..."for Amy...she loves it!"


My Mom was serving "tea" when Lily noticed the little note on the bottom of the tea pot. It makes me happy that three generations are represented in these photos. Even though my grandmother isn't here...her legacy of love for our family still remains. Oh how she would have loved Lily!


Lily loves my Mom and soaks up every minute of their play time together. Mom was a real sport going out on a hot muggy day to help me take these photos... even my Dad came along with us.
Little did we know some chiggers joined in on the fun that day.  



Lily had fun playing "telephone" and drinking "tea" with her Gaga.


The love they share together makes my heart full.  

the long road
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