The gift of interrupted plans

I am not always grateful when "my plans" are interrupted, but this moment in time is a gift for which I am thankful.  
My plan to take pictures of Lily on the beach at sunset were diverted by strong winds and a little girl who needed to find a bathroom. :))
The closest stop was my parent's church.  After we took care of business, I decided to swing around back to show Lily the flowers on my grandmother's grave.    
I have shared many stories about my Mimi with Lily and she knows how special she was to me growing up.  
What I thought was an inconvenience turned out to be a magical moment in time.  
The light was beaming down and my Mom was able to tell her about my sweet Mimi and the legacy she left our family.    
2014-07-07_0003Today is my Mimi's birthday. 

I am reminded of her quiet gentle spirit...her creative talents...her humility...the times I would walk down to tell her goodnight and hear her praying for us by name...her love for the Lord...her servant heart...her gratitude to others.  

I wish she could have known Lily.  She would have loved Lily's laugh, her funny sense of humor, her smile and the songs she loves to sing.  

So grateful for diverted plans that remind me of God's desire to orchestrate even the smallest details to show me more about His unfailing love.  
"The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps."  
Proverbs 16:9



Inaugural blueberry picking

Earlier this week Lily and I ventured out to the Golden Bell Blueberry Farm  to meet some friends from our adoption play group to pick blueberries. 
It was opening day at the farm so there were plenty blueberries for all.  
This was a first for both of us and Lily was hooked.  
We arrived a little early so we had fun exploring on our own before meeting up with our friends.  
What started out to be a cloudy morning turned out to be a beautiful day enjoying God's beauty.  
Lily wasted no time filling up her bucket even if she had to reach high to get the perfect blueberry...and taste test a few along the way :))  
2014-07-03_0002She was very happy to see her friend "E" and meet some new friends from our group.   

She said over and over..."Mommy look how full my bucket is!!"  
Needless to say we don't have many left...another visit may be in order soon!
I think this may become an annual tradition.
Praying next year Lily can show her little sister how to fill her bucket full.  
Happy 4th!  
We are headed up to enjoy watching some fireworks on the lake.  

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