Pink polish, chocolate fingers and a future dancer...

A few days ago my sweet friend Michelle treated me to a pedicure for my birthday and Lily has been quite intrigued with my painted toes ever since I came home!

Yesterday I decided to take her outside and give her a little manicure and pedicure so her toes could look like mine...although her color of choice was pink:)

BLOG lily holding nail polish

Pure excitement filled the air as she waited for me to begin painting her little fingers and toes.

BLOG lily excited about manicure

I started with her toes first and she was so still and patient watching every move I made. I love how this picture shows her toes all pointed and curled up :)

BLOG lily's toes on chair

As I stopped to take some pictures she decided to try and help herself to the polish and we almost had a huge mess on our hands.

BLOG lily opening nail polish

Next up was her sweet little hands and again she was as still as could be and so patient to wait and let the sun dry them up.

BLOG lily's hands on chair

She kept looking at her hands and toes...grinning from ear to ear.

BLOG lily arms out

BLOG lily looking at nails

Love this one with her tongue sticking out:)

BLOG lily showing off her nails

The joy and smile in her face was the highlight of my day!

BLOG showing off nails

Lily is also a pro at helping me in the kitchen. 

She brings her stool up every time to see what she can do to help out.

If she isn't helping me cook or unload the dishwasher she is emptying the trash, putting a new liner in it, or cleaning up a mess with the dustpan. Sometimes she is like a little adult in a 2 year old body:)

That night we made brownies so I decided to step back and watch her in action letting her eat a few of the chocolate chips...

BLOG lily eating chocolate chips

and help stir the mix...

BLOG liy stiring brownies

I think we may have a future dancer on our hands the way she can balance on her tippy toes! This is one of my favorite pictures from the day.

Love the reflection of her legs in the dishwasher and the way her chocolate covered finger is pointed up ready to taste the yummy batter:)


So thankful for moments like these and the beauty that comes in the simple gifts God showers upon us when we take time to enjoy them.  It felt like a sweet hug from God.  


Easter celebration

We celebrated Easter this year with Michael's family. It was a beautiful sunny day and so much fun to be all together.

Michael's parents made a wonderful meal for all of us and bought my favorite cake from the Flour Shop for my birthday.  We celebrated my birthday and my nephew's birthday who turned 14 on April 1st.  It is rare, but I love it when my birthday falls on Easter.   

Soon the cake and ice cream set in and the kids were getting restless so the Easter egg hunt began.

blog nan and lily

The big kids scattered quickly to the back of the yard while Zack and Lily stayed close by to find those eggs more easily hidden.

Zack is 4 and has the hunt down to a science. He quickly filled his basket while Lily was content with finding just one egg and exploring what was inside.

blog lily with basket

Unfortunately the ants found the "peeps" in the eggs before the kids did :)

After the egg hunt, Spencer and his cousins immediately went to the tree that they love to climb. 

Michael's mom taught Spencer how to climb it when he was younger. With each year, they go higher and two little spectators stood looking up wishing they could join in the fun.

blog tree picture

It won't be long before Zack and Lily will be in the tree making silly faces like these...

blog sja silly tree shot

Love this picture of Lily with Michael and his grandmother. She amazes us with her energy and zest for life. I hope I have the same when I am her age :)

blog grandma jane

Each year we try and get a group photo of all the grand kids which is quite a challenge to get everyone smiling at the same time.

blog grandchildren picture

After the group shot, I captured a few of Spencer and Lily together by the fish pond.

You can see the love between them as Lily gets ready to plant a big kiss on his cheek...

blog lily kiss

This was my favorite picture from the day...

blog lily on spencer's shoulders

Spencer specifically asked for me to take a picture of just Lily so I could e-mail it to him to put on his home screen...one day I'm sure it will be replaced with another girl but for now, I'm thankful that he chooses his sister to take that place :)

blog lily smiling

After the pictures...some of "bigs and littles" played a game on the phone while the adults visited together on the porch.

blog video game

That night we had my favorite pizza (the Informant) from Mafiaozas and spent the afternoon together as a family :)  A perfect way to end the day.  

One of my favorite passages of scripture in the resurrection is when Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene...He says to her "Woman, why are you weeping?  Whom are you seeking?"  

Supposing him to be the gardener, she sad to him, "Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have laid him and I will take him away."  Jesus said to her, "Mary."  She turned and said to him in Aramic, "Rabboni" (which means Teacher)...Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, "I have seen the Lord".     (John 20: 15-16;18)

When you spend time with someone you know the sound of their voice.  

While Mary did not recognize him with her eyes, she immediately knew the sound of his voice because she had walked with him.  

I pray that when God speaks to me, I will be like Mary and know the sound of my teacher...my risen Lord...the One who has given me life.  

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