Tea party...cupcakes...and turning TWO

Friday is Lily's "golden" birthday...she turns two on the 2nd!  It is also our first birthday to celebrate with her.   

Last year Michael, Spencer and I celebrated her special day by making a cake and singing to her sweet referral picture that we love.


This year she will be surrounded by some of her very favorite people who have loved her so well. Several of my close friends and family are coming over today for "lunch with Lily"! What a blessing they all have been to her and we are so grateful for the gift of family and friends. {more pictures to come on the details of her party :)}

I recently took some photograhy classes online and found a blog {Fresh From God} that inspiried the following pictures I took last week of Lily.  

My Mom graciously stitched every detail of the beautiful dress, pants and lace leggings that Lily wore for her tea party!

I'm not sure who had more fun...me watching Lily or her having fun with the china tea set and cupcakes! {Yes...my Mom willingly let her play with this real china tea set and Lily did great! The only mishap we had was a clean break on one of the cups which was my fault...not Lily's}

I used a quilt that my grandmother Mimi made for me and one of her purses that belonged to her aunt that raised her. I love the wording that she stitched on the blanket....

mimi and two picture

Lily was in her element with the tea set having fun pretending to drink and pour tea into the cups.

lily tea party double

I love these pictures that show the details of the vintage buttons and ruffles on the pants and dress. My mom is so talented and can do most anything as long as she has a picture to go by! {Thank you Mom for making this beautiful dress for Lily...it is perfect in every way.} 

lily standing sitting double

LOVE these lace leggings around her feet and her little hands getting ready to dive into the cupcakes we brought out for her to enjoy.


vintage arms and feet

Here she is showing her "two" pose...this is what she does when I ask her how old she is going to be! She hold up her two pointer fingers and smiles so big.

two double

It didn't take her long to dig into the icing (my kind of girl) and discover the yummy treats!

cupcake face

In fact...her brother decided to take a break from chopping wood with Michael and join in the fun.

spencer and lily double cupcake

spencer and lily cupcake

Love this sweet kiss with the sunlight behind them...

spencer lily kiss

Spencer got tired of the icing and decided to lie down and take a break...Lily on the other hand was completely engaged in the icing!

spencer looking up

Even my Mom got in on the action...

lily and mom

A picture of Spencer wouldn't be the same without some kind of silly pose....

spencer number 2

Our sweet Lily is turning two today whether I am ready or not. I would love to freeze her at this age for awhile becuase we are having so much fun but we know that God has BIG plans for her and we look forward to seeing that unfold in the days and years ahead.

lily rose

Happy Birthday Lily! We love your joyful spirit, adventurous nature and fun-loving personality. You have changed our world in a way we cannot explain and we are forever grateful for the gift we have been given in YOU, sweet child of God.

Today we remember your birth mom and the incredible sacrifice of love she made to give you life. We will always remember her and pray that wherever she is in the world that today, God gives her peace in knowing that you are safe and loved beyond measure.
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