Gong Xi Fa Cai {Happy Chinese New Year!}

Today is the beginning of the Chinese New Year...the year of the dragon.

It turned out to be a beautiful sunny, mild afternoon so I quickly changed Lily into one of her silk outfits that we bought in China to celebrate!

This was the first time she wore any of her silks since our red couch photos in March.  

When I look back at this post, I am reminded how far she has come in the past 10 months.

I am humbled every day by God's favor He has poured out in her life and the answered prayers we have watched unfold.

She can light up a room with her eyes...

smile behind umbrella

She has a spirit of curiosity and adventure...

lily angle with umbrella

lily reaching for umbrella

She is a "girly girl" and was in awe of her sparkly red shoes!  She is also in a phase of wanting to show how many toes she has :)

lily 10 toes

She can be serious and pensive...

lily looking down with umbrella

lily looking up close up

She isn't a big fan of stuffed animals or other unknown creatures that look scary to her.  

This represents all of the different Chinese new year animals and soon after I put it on her she shook her head "no" and took it off.

I have a hunch that she won't like the dragon costume at the Chinese new year celebration we are going to in a couple of weeks :)

lily with new year animals

But my favorite look of all time is her sweet smile that makes her eyes almost disappear.

This is the same smile I fell in love with the first day I saw her picture on my computer screen and the one that always brightens up my day and makes me laugh.

lily smiling

We look forward to finding fun ways to celebrate her heritage and learn more the Chinese new year.

From our family to yours...Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Unknown said...

What beautiful pictures! She is a doll.

Nikki said...

She is beautiful, and what gorgeous photos! We should get that header updated :)


Unknown said...

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