Sunday Snapshot {the simple gifts of motherhood}

The simple gifts God gives me in the every day moments of life are some of the things I love most about being a mom.

Listening to the sweet sounds of Lily's prayers before each meal...

BLOG lily praying

Seeing Lily look up to Spencer with eyes of wonder, excitement and admiration...

BLOG lily looking at spencer

Watching Spencer wrestle with Lily and hearing laughter that fills the room...

BLOG wrestling

Seeing the genuine look of love in Spencer's eyes when he gives Lily a hug...

BLOG spencer hugging lily

Waking up to this face every morning 
(on this particular morning she wanted me to sing "This little piggy went to market")

BLOG little piggy

Watching Spencer shine with the musical gift God has given him...

BLOG spencer with guitar

Playing with Lily in her room seeing the world through her eyes...

BLOG diaper on baby

Watching Lily love to read my Bible every morning when we eat breakfast together...

BLOG reading biblejpg

Capturing moments when they don't know you are watching (her new favorite thing is to climb up and down our total gym)


Watching Spencer grow into an exceptional young man who has quite the charming smile even when it is "toothless"...

BLOG spencer

Having a constant little helper around the house that tries to imitate everything I do (she is cleaning windows with a sponge brush :)

BLOG lily washing windows

Seeing Lily have fun playing dress up with my jewelry...

BLOG lily with mimi's box

Letting go of control a bit and letting Lily eat breakfast at the counter on occasion :)

BLOG eating at counter

So thankful that God chose me to be "mom" to these two precious gifts that bring such joy to my life.

I also thank God for giving me a Mom who taught me how to love.  She would do anything for me and our family.  It is a joy to watch her give her love away to Lily and Spencer...it makes my heart full.  

My incredible husband wouldn't be the man he is today without the gift of his Mom.  I am thankful for the impact she has had in his life and for the way she has embraced me as a daughter.  Lily and Spencer love spending time with their "nana" and "gaga"!  

BLOG lily and spencer in wagon

I am also reminded today about Lily's birth mom and the sacrifice of love she made by choosing to give her LIFE.  Millions of children woke up today without someone to call Mom...a place to call HOME...and a FAMILY to give them love.  When God stirs our hearts to move...we have a choice to make.

What if we had missed it?  What if we, like so many, felt God's nudging but chose not to take the step of faith and obedience?  

Little did I know how much one little girl could change the lives of so many.  God is writing a story...His story...and this is just the beginning.  

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Settings for the first photo
Nikon D80 50 mm 
apeture 1.8
shutter speed 1/160
ISO 3200
Processed with Florabella Classic Color


Ni Hao Yall


Lori said...

Soooo sweet! Happy Mother's Day!

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Sweet, sweet photos of such wonderful moments!

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