Daddy's little helper

Lily and I were in her room reading this morning when I looked out and noticed Michael washing my car.

I asked her if she wanted to join him and she quickly started taking off her pj's to  put on her swimsuit.

BLOG double washing car

Lily started out helping him wash the car and then quickly found the sponge and soapy bubbles much more exciting!

blog triple with sponge

She was having fun experimenting with the splash effect of dropping the sponge in the water and rubbing the bubbles on her hands.

BLOG double cheeks and hands

She had this look of determination and curiosity the entire time she was outside.  

BLOG backlight in sun

When she noticed that Michael was working on cleaning the inside of my car she decided to join in on the action.

BLOG curious sitting down

She loved acting like a big girl and and checking out every inch of the car. 

BLOG double ipod in car

At two she is already a pro with the keys...

BLOG tiple success with keys

Then she decided to try out the view from the sunroof with Spencer's glasses in hand.

BLOG double in sunroof

Her little double chin and big grin says it all.

BLOG double chin with glasses

Looks like we may need to get her a pair of glasses of her own:)

BLOG big smile with glasses

She climbed in the back seat and buckled up.  

BLOG seatbelt in the back seat

Then convinced her Daddy to join her in the backseat for some fun with her computer.

BLOG double back seat with computer

She definitely has her Daddy wrapped right around her little finger. 

He is smitten with her and she feels the same about him :)

Visit my friend Lisa to see more fun Favorite Friday Photos!

Enjoy your weekend!

the long road


Tara said...

Lily is adorable! I love these happy pictures, especially the one with her soapy hands! Too cute! She is precious and you have a beautiful family! ~tara

Kimberley said...

There are so many darling photos of your girl that I would love to use on my website.
Let me know what you think. She just melts my heart.
Sophia Jane Boutique

Unknown said...

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Teresa Halminton said...

This is so adorable!! Love the photos!
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