Ruffles...a leopard hat...and some beach ball fun.

BLOG tripple hat

A few weeks ago we made one last trip to the beach taking Lily to one of our favorite spots...Destin,FL.  Michael's parents have a house there that they generously let us use and it was perfect timing to get away and escape reality for a few days :))

Michael earned major points the night we took these pictures.  Although Lily LOVES the beach she was tentative about stepping on any of the seaweed that had washed up from the storm they had a few days prior to our arrival.

BLOG just ruffles

She wanted to stay in one place and wasn't all smiles at first.  
When Michael brought out her favorite beach ball that all seemed to fade away.

BLOG michael and lily

The smiles came out and she started hamming it up a bit :)

BLOG smile to the side of hat

 BLOG fashion diva

BLOG catching ball double

We have been working on throwing and catching with Lily so she was super excited each time she was able to catch one of her Daddy's tosses.  


Spencer taught her this trick...she loves to put it between her legs and then jump up and down :)

BLOG double laughing

The laughter and smiles from this picture took me back to that night on the beach...no stress...just simple joy!

BLOG touching the sand

Destin is known for their crystal white beaches and turquoise waters.  Although we didn't have the beautiful water because of the storm, the weather was perfection and we enjoyed every minute of being together.

BLOG soft smile
Lily has many looks and faces...this one makes me realize how much she is growing up and has changed in the past year.  The "two's" have not been terrible at all...in fact I am loving this stage with her and wish I could freeze this moment in time.  
BLOG looking away
We have been talking about how she will turn three soon...I look forward to seeing what the days and years ahead have in store for our little girl.


Gift of Grace said...

I was just thinking that I needed to see some new Lily pics, and checked facebook and found these!! I am so happy we get to watch her grow up from afar. I remember leaving China and being so sad that I wouldn't get to see the other kids grow up. So cool how God works!

Diane said...

Just look at your little Diva rock'in the camera!!!! She is waaaaaaay too cute in this outfit...and the hat....."tops" it off....LOVE!!! She sure was having a wonderful time on the beach:) Gorgeous photos as always Amy!!!
God Bless,

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness Lily is such a doll!! You rocked these shots!

Tara said...

You're a pro now!!!

Unknown said...

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Teresa Halminton said...

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