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BLOG lisa in action

I found The Long Road to China right before we left for China and I told my husband "I want to learn how to take pictures like that someday." Lisa has an incredible gift for being able to capture the essence of the soul in her photos.  They tell a story and leave you with awe and wonder.

  Little did I know that two years later we would be close friends and that her photography would impact me in such a profound way. After many online photography classes with my friend and mentor Lisa, I finally had the opportunity to meet her in person last weekend for a hands-on photography workshop in the beautiful historic town of Bethlehem, PA.

Words cannot express how much fun I had watching Lisa work her magic during each of our photo shoots. She has a unique way of connecting with her clients to put them at ease and she has an eye for the little details that can make or break a photo.

As you can see above, her talents don't stop with photography...she did a grande jete with perfect form in boots and jeans! I love the priceless look of our ballerina model as she watched Lisa demonstrate what we wanted her to do for the photo. Many of the ladies who came are also adoptive moms and I loved connecting with them and hearing their stories. I even had the joy of seeing my friend Hannah who we met in China when we were adopting Lily.

BLOG boys and grace
All of our models were amazing and so patient with the chilly temps, changing light conditions and wind!  Lisa showed us how to embrace the unexpected and use it to our advantage. 
   This sweet girl and these handsome boys were naturals in front of the camera!   I absolutely LOVED the steel stacks where we took the photos of the boys...it was a photographer's dream!
BLOG ballerina and catherine

I love the light, dreamy feel to these photos of our ballerina and first holy communion.
Lisa planned out every detail of the weekend and went above and beyond to give us a variety locations and looks for our portfolio.
BLOG double triplets dancing
This trio was our last photo shoot for the day and just as we were feeling a bit weary from a very full day, their larger than life personalities lit up the entire field of dreams!  Oh my...what fun we had watching the these sisters shine in front of the camera.

This is one of Lisa's favorite locations to take her annual "field of dreams" pictures of her girls.  She wasn't sure the bluebells would last until our workshop but as God would have it, not only were they still standing...the light was spectacular!  It was a perfect ending to our day.

BLOG single of triplets
I have always been fond of little red-headed girls...my niece is a red-head and I am captivated by their beauty. This sweet girl had beauty and a little sass which made me even more drawn to her.
Her sister stepped on a thorn when they were dancing in the field so she took a break from the fun to warm up in her blanket.  As Lisa reminded us...sometimes the unplanned photo is the one takes your breath away.  
BLOG picking bluebells

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. . . it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.
~Aaron Sussman~

This weekend was a dream come true in so many ways.   I still have so much to learn but I am forever grateful for the gifts she has shared with me.  I love being able to capture God's beauty behind lens and let the photo tell the story that reveals the magic of life!

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To see more pictures of our weekend together stop by and take a look:)

the long road


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Amy, I am so thrilled you were able to make it last weekend!! After conversing with you online and by phone for the last few years, I am so glad that I was able to give you a big old hug in person!!! You are everything I thought you were and SO MUCH MORE!!! You are extremely talented, kind, and generous!!! I feel blessed to call you friend and look forward to watching your photography journey unfold!!! FABULOUS PHOTOS!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck tomorrow!! NO RAIN NO RAIN!!!



Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Forgot to say, thank you for the thoughtful post and photos of me behind the scenes. I am so filled with emotion this morning I am forgetting to say thank you:)

Unknown said...

So very beautiful Amy! The photos are so gorgeous you have a beautiful talent in photography! I loved being able to meet you and hear your story:) Have a great run tomorrow I will be thinking of you!

Unknown said...

every photo is incredible!! looks like your weekend was amazing!! Lisa is extremely talented and I want to take photos like her someday too! :) love the photo of her so gracefully leaping through the air! who knew she was so graceful and flexible!!

your photos are all truly stunning. i am left unable to pick a favorite.

tiarastantrums said...

really gorgeous!

Emily said...

Amy, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. You are a truly talented photographer!!
I'm so glad that we met this weekend. Thank you for being a great traveling companion. :)

Good luck on your run tomorrow!

Fannie said...

LOVE these pictures!! Especially the one of Lisa doing the split jump and the ones of the girls in the field!!!! :)

What editing did you do on the photos from the blue bonnet field? I'm still learning!! ;)

Kristi said...

What absolutely beautiful photos! And I learned something new about Lisa too. I had no idea she was a ballerina.

Isa + Steph + Sijia + William said...

Your photos are amazing! I love red-headed boys or girls too. They're just too cute!
It must have been a wonderful weekend with Lisa! You caught her in full action for us ;) Tks.

Kimberley said...

Lisa is amazing in so many ways! I so wish that I could meet her in person. Your photos are lovely.

Diane said...

Amazing post about our amazing mentor and friend Amy! All your photo's are gorgeous as always:) After years of being a classmate, I feel so blessed to have shared this special weekend with you!! Definitely a weekend I will always remember:)P.S. Please thank Spencer for giving a "shout out" of my pic of Will! I consider that as one of my highest compliments ever:) Thank you Spencer! Enjoy your weekend and good luck in your race tomorrow!
God Bless,

...melody... said...

These are beautiful photos! I really love the ones in the bluebell field. :)

Jill Wellington said...

Every photo is STUNNING!!! Great job!

Tiffany said...

Your weekend with Lisa looks perfect, love all of your shots! This is my first time visiting and I look forward to visiting again. I could not help but smile at your beach pictures....I seriously think we were at the same beach at the same time:)


likeschocolate said...

These are beautiful! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

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