a miracle that never fades...

The colored eggs are in the attic...the baskets tucked away...the Easter meal shared among family is now a distant memory and yet the truth of Easter never fades.  

Every new day is a gift to celebrate our risen Lord.  

A reminder that I have been given life because of His grace.

I am forgiven.  

I am redeemed.  

I am a child of the King.  

Several times this week Lily has said "let's talk more about Jesus".  
I love that her heart desires to know more about our Savior.  

That her childlike faith strengthens mine.  


Right now we are reading The Story for Children.  
As timing would have it, this week we were reading all about the events that led up to the crucifixion of Jesus. 

The resurrection eggs we made together last week came full circle 
as she continued to ask questions and connect the dots.  

Every time we saw a cross this week (which was almost daily), she would say, 
"Mommy Jesus died on the cross so that I can have life!"  


Thank you Lord for using our daughter to remind me that your miracle never fades. 

You are waiting each day for me to run into your arms.  



Hannah said...

These are so beautiful. Your talent is just amazing.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love those smiles!

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