If I had listened to my fear...


Four years ago today, we received a call that broke through a season of silence.

A call that was an answer to our prayer for a little girl.

I remember the excitement and pure joy of that day.

I also remember the fear that started rising in my mother's heart about all of the unknowns we would face in the journey ahead...surgeries, speech therapy, orthodontics, more surgeries, possible teasing from her peers, her physical scars and the emotional impact it may have over time. 
 The list in my mind went on and yet there was peace in my soul knowing this was the daughter
God had perfectly chosen for our family.

If I had listened to my fear, I would have missed the blessing.
I would have missed...


Little fingers taking hold of mine as we walk hand in hand.


Giggles and laughter that fill our home with joy.

A smile that lights up any room and a constant range of expressive emotions that keep us on our toes.


The gift of time together learning more about how to capture the music in our hearts.


Experiencing first hand God uses His children to point us closer to Him.


Looking into these dark brown eyes filled with love.  


Believing in the hope and promise of the future God has planned for her.    


Once I released my fear, I never looked back. 
Fear led me to trust.  
And in trusting I have been given an unspeakable gift.
I would say "yes" a million times over.  

"There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear."  
1 John 4:18


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful words and feelings! So glad you took that leap of faith and listened to your heart despite the fear! xoxo

likeschocolate said...

Amazing shots! Happy 4 years! How is it going on adoption number 2?

Unknown said...

Beautiful post and photos!! Love how our fear leaves with love of our children! How amazing you all are!!!!

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