Running to your arms

Michael saved one toy of Spencer’s when he was little because he had such fond memories of Spencer following him around outside pretending to mow while he was working on the yard.  Spencer got it out of the attic last week and when Lily saw him pushing the lawnmower she was off and running!  

Our little Lily pad loves the freedom that comes with her new found confidence in walking.  She is little miss independent when she is happy and exploring her new world.  When she feels secure she loves to do her own thing and doesn’t even think about us or where we are.  When uncertainty, insecurity, fear, or exhaustion set in…she comes running to my arms for security and affirmation. 

There are times when Lily comes running to my arms with a bright smile and happy attitude but those times are few right now because she doesn’t need me as much when she is rockin’ her smiling face and life is sweet!  (don’t get me wrong…I LOVE this part of her and want to encourage her independence.  I try to keep in mind…what can I do today to make her a little less dependent on me tomorrow). 

As Lily’s parents, our desire is to move her to a place of complete dependence…not on us…but in the One who created her…who designed every gift and talent that will be unleashed in the years to come…the One who knows her every thought and calls her by name.   

Michael and I were talking about this and realized that it’s a lot like how we treat our Savior at times.  When life is good and everything is smooth sailing we often try to do it on our own and His presence fades to the background…not because He isn’t there…we are just too busy to acknowledge Him. 

When we walk through a valley or face the fear of the unknown we come running to His arms seeking direction and affirmation of hope. 

I wonder how our sweet Savior feels when we only come running to Him when we are in need…when the foundation on which we stand begins to crumble? Does He get weary of our repeated requests and petitions for help when we forget to count the blessings He freely pours out in our life?  How many times has He been waiting for me to stop and come before His throne when I keep “doing life” because I see each day as mine to order and plan out every detail.    

I want to learn to be in a state of moment-by-moment dependence on the Lord.  I pray that He would interrupt “my” day with the plans and purposes He desires.  Lord, give me eyes to see your interruptions…not as an inconvenience but as an opportunity for personal growth. 

I want to run into the arms of Jesus…in the joys and struggles of life.  The riches of His love will always be enough...nothing compares to His embrace.  

Where are you running?

Listen to the words of this song...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38XATchXJYI

In daddy's arms...



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