The Power of the Cross

That’s the power of the cross
see the chains fall...
That’ the power of the cross
see the chains fall. 

I sang the chorus of this song over and over in Lily’s ears as I held her during our time in China and in the early days of coming home when nothing else seemed to ease her sadness or calm her spirit. 

At first…it was more for me than her because I desperately needed to feel the power of the cross break the chains that were keeping her from trusting us.

Over time…the repetition of this song became something to calm and give her rest.  I saw the power of God’s hand reaching down to break the chains of fear and uncertainty that filled her heart. 

I haven’t sung this chorus to her in over 3 weeks. 

Indeed, the power of the cross is bringing healing and hope to our little girl.  We see her transforming before our eyes beginning to trust and love. 

She has gone from a scared little girl...

to a girl that loves to sign "love"

from crying in daddy's arms...

to giggles and laughter...

from layers of clothes...

to smocked dresses (thanks to her Gaga and Papaw)

from eating dirt....

to smelling flowers...

from being uncertain about our love...

to feeling safe in our arms...

When God speaks to us, it is not just for information…but for transformation. 

I want to be transformed by the power of the cross.  I want Lily to know that Easter is so much more than bunnies, bright colored eggs and fancy dresses. 

Easter is about the power of the cross
                a beautiful picture of redemption, love and sacrifice. 
                a celebration of life and hope
                a gift of extravagant grace
                                …an invitation to be transformed. 

Once in darkness now in light
Once blind now you see
Once a sinner now a saint
Once bound now free.

That's the power of the Cross See the chains fall
That's the power of the Cross See the chains fall

Once a stranger now a child
Empty now filled
Once condemned now reconciled
Broken now healed

That's the power of the Cross
See the chains fall
That's the power of the Cross
See the chains fall


Unknown said...

Loves her peeps like Aunt Debbie! YAY :) I am framing the one with the flowers. Simply beautiful!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amy it is wonderful to see the way the Lord has worked in all this and I am so thankful He chose you two to love Lilly. You can see the peace on her face... if we would but let God give us the same peace.

Gift of Grace said...

Amy, I wrote Lily's surgery on our calendar and we will be praying. She looks so great! It's just amazing isn't it. I can't imagine life without Grace.

Gift of Grace said...

Praying for you all this week, keep us posted.
Love, Hannah

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