Post Surgery Update

Thank you for your prayers for our sweet little girl.  We felt everyone of them and continue to see God's hand at work throughout our journey. 

Lily was a trooper prior to surgery...she was full of smiles and she had fun making her doctors laugh with her "squinty eye" face. 

Of course, if she knew what they were about to do to her that would be another story.  We laughed when we looked at this picturee tonight...it's the "Just wait until I get my arm splints ("no-no's") on after surgery...I'll get you back with my new weapons-ha!

Lily's doctor felt very good about her palate repair and we are very grateful.  Post-op recovery has been a little rough going most of the day...lots of agitation and restlessness and trying to play the balancing act of monitoring pain but not giving too much meds to affect her breathing. 

In recovery...the first time I was able to hold her again after surgery. 

I was holding up really well until her oxygen started to drop and she was having trouble breathing when I was holding her back in her room...it probably only lasted a few minutes but it seemed like forever to me before she was back to a normal level.  So... the little oxygen mask has been close by my hand and I have a perfect view of her oxygen levels just as my own safety net.  They did turn it off tonight because she is sleeping better and her breathing looks great....plus she needs to be off of it in order for us to be released to go home. 

It looks like Lily has turned a corner the past few hours.  She is sleeping more peacefully and her pain seems to be under control.  That makes Mama and Dad VERY happy.  She even woke up briefly and pointed to her "lammie" and helped me press the button to play her favorite song.  When it started she made her "i'm happy/proud" sweet sound that we love to hear and even tried to give us a smile...she continues to amaze me. 

To see your little girl in pain and have no control or any way to make it better is heart-wrenching.  All we can do is hold her hand and love on her.  We read this verse earlier this week and it has brought me comfort today..."For I, The Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who says to you, "Fear not I am the one who helps you." (Isaiah41:13).  His hand has been holding hers long before ours and that gives me great hope and peace.  He walks the road ahead of us and is paving the way for every mountain and valley we will face. 

Please be in prayer for our trip back home...we have a long drive ahead of us and I am just praying that we don't have any complications with Lily along the way and that she can rest well without too much pain. 

Off to try and get some rest for the night.  I will leave you with this sweet video we got of Lily while we were waiting for her to go back to surgery.  I can't wait to see that sweet smile again very soon I hope... 



Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh she is the sweetest little thing..... I loved watching the video of her!! I pray that she is well on the road to recovery and that with each day that passes she will get stronger and stronger and the pain will subside.

Thinking of you all.



Unknown said...

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