My Sunshine

Today I honor my amazing husband.

He is my gift from God…my soul mate…my best friend and the most incredible father to Lily and Spencer. 

my favorite day...our wedding...January 9, 2004
Our pastor recently said…never fall in love with your children more than you love your spouse.  I would add to that…never fall in love with your spouse or anything of this world more than you love Christ.    

I believe one of the greatest gifts as parents that we can give our children-outside of teaching them about the truth of Christ- is to love each other well. 

Without a doubt, I have a husband who loves me well.  

last "date night" (without the need for a baby sitter) 
before we left for China to bring home Lily
I am so thankful that Lily and Spencer get to see a dad who…

…prays with us together and leads us toward Christ 

…builds me up in front of them

…makes coffee for me every morning

…models integrity and has a strong work ethic

…works diligently during the week so he can play hard with us as a family when he is home

…makes sacrifices to do what is best for our family (i.e. he is out pulling weeds and cleaning windows so I could write this post while Lily sleeps :)

…encourages me to go to my favorite barre class on Saturdays while he plays with Spencer and Lily

…makes us all laugh, loves to have fun and engages with us when he is home

...who makes our relationship a priority and still plans date nights for us! 

…does what he says he will do and is someone they can trust

...gives me the gift of being able to stay at home with Lily and Spencer

Michael is my sunshine…my voice of reason when I am weary…my handsome man that I have the joy of waking up to every morning! 

Lily wakes up every morning signing “daddy” wanting to know where he is.  Her face lights up when he walks through the door every night and her arms open wide to give him a big hug.  In just 3 months their relationship has transformed because of LOVE. 

Love isn’t love until you give it away…

I am grateful for the gift of an earthly father who loved me well.  My dad was and still is my greatest cheerleader.  He allowed me to understand what it meant to be loved so that I could receive the greatest gift of love there is…the love of a heavenly father.

my dad giving Lily some love
Today we celebrate our fathers…dads who are our leaders…our warriors…our courageous men who impact our children for eternity.

the man I love...the wonderful father to our children
“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lays down his life for his friends.”  John 15:13


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being a Wonderful Daughter who along with your equally Wonderful Sister allowed me to be a Dad. God Bless you all. Dad

Anonymous said...

What a glorious tribute to your husband and your Dad. You made being a parent a real joy. We love you so much. Love, Mom

Unknown said...

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