Giving thanks for Lily's "firsts"

The past several weeks have been filled with a lot of first moments for Lily.

She went on her first tube ride behind the boat and loved every minute of it! She kept signing "like" and "more". Spencer was not thrilled with the slow speed but for Lily...it was perfection!

farrows lake day_075

We took our neighbors out to teach them how to surf and Lily decided she should try something new herself...

surfing with the reads_034

Future boat captain in training!

surfing with the reads_030

Lily went to the nursery at church for the first time. We made a quick departure and Michael told me not to look back.  I didn't... even though I wanted really wanted to. This week I looked back and I think he is right...it's just better on everyone if you keep moving on. I am thankful that she trusts us and feels secure enough to go to others.  

We also took her to our small group bible study for the first time and she stayed with all the big kids for almost 2 hours while we were meeting as a group.  I love her flexible personality and ability to adapt to new situations with ease.  

She is becoming a pro at watching football and loves to cheer on her big brother when he plays.  I had some great pictures of his first scrimmage but Sunset (our golden) decided to eat the camera card...

Lily now has 4 speech therapy sessions under her belt.

She qualified to receive speech therapy through a research program at Vanderbilt that focuses on early intervention for children with cleft lip and palate...just another way we see God's hand at work in her life.

A friend of mine told me about the research grant prior to our trip to China. Once children qualify for services they go into a "random" selection to either receive free services at Vanderbilt or community services for which parents are responsible to pay. Both groups receive follow up testing and evaluation to monitor progress. I love that God isn't "random" and I am so thankful that she is able to receive her therapy at Vanderbilt.

She walked right into the playroom the first day and waved goodbye to me and started to shut the door. She loves her therapist and I get to look in through a two-way mirror to see what she is learning so we can reinforce it at home.

Apparently something is clicking already...I taught her the sign for "Gaga" (what all the grand kids call my mom) and while I was trying to get her to do it on video Lily had something else up her sleeve...

She has also started saying dada which makes Michael melt!  It won't be long before this girl will be talking non-stop. 
Lily also went to the dentist for the firs time. They gave her a choice of toothbrushes and without hesitation she chose her Dad and brother's favorite color...ORANGE for UT! Smart girl...

dentist picture

Lily loves playing in her red wagon that her Aunt Lizzy, Uncle Mark and cousin Zack gave her after her palate surgery.


She was content with this until she saw Michael washing the car...pretty soon he had a "helper" join in on the fun.  She decided to explore the inside while he washed off the dirt. 



God continues to amaze us with His provision for Lily. She is thriving in every way and we are so blessed. It's hard to believe that we will be celebrating 6 months from the day we first met her in just a few weeks. It seems like she has been part of our family forever...she is the missing piece that has filled our home with much laughter and joy.




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