Favorite Photo Friday- future marathaon girl

lily close up elmo blog

I love this smile with her piggies and bubbles on her tongue.

It isn't very often that I capture this sweet smile straight on because she is always on the move and most turn out blurry!

lily walking blog

Today was a beautiful sunny day with a cool breeze in the air. Lily decided she wanted to take her Elmo lawnmower on a walk.

What started as a little stroll turned out to be about a 3/4 a mile walk in our neighborhood! She was determined to keep going and NOT turn back.

lily top down blog

Our golden "sunset" joined us for the adventure and about half way through Lily took a break to give her some kisses.

lily with sunset blog

I love this one because it looks like they are both laughing! They are both very independent and lively!

lily and sunset smiling blog

Her little legs were tiring out so she decided to try out her knees.

lily knees blog

Then she just sat down for a rest before making the long journey back home.

lily sitting blog

We took turns pushing Elmo on the way home as she walked ahead of me.

lily back grass blog

About half way home she started slowing down and gave me the "up" sign...of course I caved and carried her part of the way.

lily up blog

A picture of me holding her, carrying Elmo and trying to keep up with Sunset would have been quite comical.

She decided she wanted down again and then tried to pick up Elmo like I had done when I was carrying her.

Love her little tongue sticking out here working so hard to pick it up.

lily picking up elmo blog

She finished off her walk with a big glass of water, blueberries and PBJ.
It doesn't get much better than that.

Happy weekend!  XXOOOXXX

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the long road


Anonymous said...

Soo cute!! Goodness what a sweet smile.. :)

Anonymous said...

Gotta love a marathon girl! Future Girls on the Run Gal.. She is so adorable!

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