Surgery...bubbles...and thankful hearts

Lily had her third surgery in less than a year on Friday. Her courageous spirit and joyful disposition even in the midst of pain continue to amaze us.  This is truly an answer to prayer. 


We drove to Little Rock Thursday afternoon and arrived in time to have dinner with my friend Katie and her family.  They have been so generous and helpful to us throughout the past several months with Lily's surgeries.  I am so thankful for the gift of her friendship. 

Lily woke up the day of surgery being quite affectionate and wanting to be right by her Daddy.  Michael has such a calm spirit I'm sure she sensed this and felt safe and secure in his arms. 



Her doctor was running a little behind so we hung out with Lily for about 2 hours in her pre-op room.

Picture trying to entertain a hungry, thirsty, 21 month old with little to no toys in sight...

Actually in true Lily fashion she was quite the little ham and had fun playing with Michael




Doing her "meditation" pose...


Coloring with some crayons that her anesthesiologist gave her
{loved that her name was "Anna Maria" as we are headed there next month for a family trip!}


and listening to music on my phone


We gave some last hugs and kisses before watching her leave to go back for surgery {not sure this part ever gets any easier}


While Lily was in surgery I wrote in my journal and prayed for our sweet girl. 
Below is an excerpt of my thoughts I will share with Lily one day...

Lily girl...you are my joy and my light, my laugther and sweet miracle from God.  You are strong and brave beyond your years.  You are beautiful, you are treasured, you are sacred, you are His. 

What a gift it is to be given the privilege of being your Mom. My prayer for you is that you find your identity and worth in the One who will fill our soul complete- lacking in nothing. 

Your presence lights up the room and fills all the empty spaces with radiant JOY.  You are true to your name Yue Xin and I am beyond grateful for the gift we have been given in you. 

I pray that you would not hide behind any scar but let them be the story that points others to Christ.  Your smile is beautiful and your eyes sparkle. 

Your story is a beautiful one...one of pain and struggle but anything of lasting beauty goes through the refining process to bring God glory. 

You are my treasure and I love you...my earthly reminder of God's amazing grace. 

Lily has surprised us all with how well she is recovering from surgery. She rarely needs her pain medicine, she is good as gold when I clean her sutures 3 times a day and she did great on the 6 hour trip home.

Some yoga moves to stretch her legs and pass time in the car...


When we arrived home my parents had several fun things waiting for Lily. 
The highlight was the tub of bubbles that brought out lots of big smiles! 

bubbles edited

lily bubbles

lily gaga bubbles

The hardest part right now is keeping her on her back at night and making sure she doesn't fall and injure her lip. 

My parents are helping us take shifts during the night to keep our little Houdini wedged in her "cocoon" that Michael engineered in her crib using rolled up towels.   

Her doctor was super pleased with the results from surgery and she was able to accomplish everything without going all the way through her lip.  Her lip is healing well and looks great.  We return next Thursday for her to have the sutures removed.  After this...we should be surgery free for about another year.     

Thank you all for lifting up Lily and her doctor in prayer. 

We are humbled and so grateful... 

"Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for He who promised is faithful."   Hebrews 10:23


Johanna said...

She is such a brave warrior!!! How beautiful she is! We are bringing our little girl home soon with cl/cp, and I am a little nervous about all the surgeries, so its comforting to read the success stories like these!! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael and Amy, I tried to leave a comment on your 6 month post, but was unable to for some reason. It was really neat to see the pictures of your first meeting with Lily that Paul took, and relive that time. We think of you guys often and are so thankful that Lily is doing so well. What amazing treasures we have been given. So thankful God blessed us in this way.

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