Pediatric cancer...pancakes...and park day fun

This past weekend Michael and his brother Mark did a 40 mile bike ride to help raise funds for pediatric cancer. Over 160 riders participated in the inaugural Hoover Ride for Hope raising over $6,000 to help families with the unrecognized needs that come with the diagnosis of cancer.   

It was a beautiful day and Lily had fun playing with her buddy Gabriel while we waited for Michael to finish. 

The icing on the cake was watching her face light up when Michael came back...


After the ride my wonderful husband suggested that we go eat at my favorite lunch spot in Franklin...Merridees! His brother Mark, his wife Liz and our sweet nephew Zack met us there and we had a great time together sitting outside enjoying the beautiful day.

As you can see...they are so good to Lily and she adores all 3 of them and their hugs! So thankful for the gift of family.



Spencer is on fall break this week so we met up with Zack and Liz after Lily's speech therapy and went to the Nashville favorite... Pancake Pantry!

While we waited for our food to arrive Zack showed us his "thinking face" and I just love his sweet little grin! He is full of joy and love for others.


Lily loved her silver dollar pancakes...Spencer devoured his french toast (literally it was gone before I could snap a picture of it!)...and Zack sported his sugar box "booster" seat with pride!


Thank you Lizzy for treating us to a yummy breakfast! You are always thinking of others and doing random acts of kindness. I am blessed to have such a great sister-in-law!

After breakfast the kids had fun playing outside the restaurant before we headed to the park.


When it was time to head to the park (aka...the kids were over me snapping pictures of all of them!) Zack and Spencer took Lily in the stroller.

Spencer is laughing at Zack as he looks over to Lily and says, "Don't worry 'Wiwwy', we will take care of you"...doesn't get much sweeter than that!


We headed over to Dragon Park and spent the next several hours just watching the three of them laugh and play.  The weather was PERFECT (much cooler than the blazing hot day Lily and I went with Liz and Zack a few weeks ago!) 

Lily and her aunt Lizzy had fun experimenting with the leaves...


Zack had fun tackling Spencer (we have a future football player in the family!)


Lily got some hugs from her big brother and looks up to him like he is her hero!


Lily LOVES the swings (not sure this kind is really meant for her but it is her favorite!)


Caught a sweet innocent look of Lily that I loved...


And we ended up the day with a Spencer sandwich! By the look on all their faces they are about to crash from playing so hard. 

spencer sandwichblog

As I expected...Spencer and Lily both fell asleep in the car on the way home.

Lily is doing GREAT post surgery.  She is our spicy little survivor!  Thank you all for your prayers on her behalf.  We continue to see God's hand at work in every detail of her life. 

She is such a figther and doesn't let anything stand in her way of living life to the fullest.  She is teaching me a lot about finding JOY in the midst of challenges.  

We are headed to FL this week so Michael and Spencer will get to see Lily in action on the beach...looking forward to our time together as a family and being away for a few days.   
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