First Pumpkin Patch

Today was a beautiful fall sunny day...perfect for a trip to the pumpkin patch.

Lily's speech therapist planned a day at a local farm for all the children who participate in the speech program. Kristin has a special way with children and Lily just adores her!

Lily's therapy is part of a research grant specifically geared for helping children who have cleft lip/cleft palate. It was refreshing to meet other parents and children who have walked a similar road.

Upon arrival I got "the sign"...aka...need to go potty which happens frequently as we enter a new place. 

As we were coming out of the restroom several ladies stopped and commented on Lily.  They were there with a group of 10 other families who adopted their daugthers from China about six years ago.

I saw the girls later in the day (after surviving the Cow Train Ride) and they were all wearing "China Sisters" shirts. So fun...each family was from a different state and they still plan yearly trips together.

Rarely is there a day when I am out with Lily that I don't get stopped by a complete stranger who either has some connection to China or who just wants to know a little about her story.

We started in the corn maze thinking I would get some great pictures but unfortunately little 'Lils wasn't up for walking so I carried her. Reminded me of our days in China when my arms when numb.

As we neared the end she saw lots of baby pumpkins and decided she would get down and explore a bit.


Kristin helped Lily pick out the perfect pumpkin and she was quite delighted with her new find.



We headed back to the pavilion for some lunch and yummy treats that Kristin provided for everyone.


She also brought a tub full of fun gear for the kids to play with but Lily decided to pass on the hats and boas and go straight for the bubbles...


I have some great pictures of the other kids dressing up and having fun but don't have permission to share so...just Lily pics for now.

Lily saw the Cow train ride and kept saying "moo" so off we went to wait in line for what seemed to me like an innocent kiddy ride.

Not at all...it was more like a roller coaster through a Midwest dust bowl! Picture me (holding Lily and my camera) squeezing into a tiny cart shaped like a cow that is meant to hold a 5 year old. Each one was appropriately named...we road 'Cow Lick'.

At first Lily wanted out which wasn't an option after the squeezing that went into getting there. As soon as the fast, bumpy ride began (picture lots of crazy eights) she was tickled pink, laughing the whole way...as for me, let's just say I was glad to be out and my shower felt especially great tonight considering the layer of dust that covered us from head to toe!

We went back for some finger paining which Lily loved...Miss Kristin thought of it all.


Lily and I watched the Hillbilly Pig Races and then headed out to buy a few pumpkins on our way out.

I found a great wagon just the size I needed for the steroid injected pumpkins we brought home.   

Outside of the cow ride and bubbles...this may have been her favorite part of the day.




Oh how I missed my Sherpa today...especially as I was pulling the wagon up the hill to our car.

The other dads I passed just stared at me and smiled while I was pulling with all my might. (Really...not even a courtesy push or anything...perhaps they were spent from the day on the farm) 

I couldn't figure out why it was so difficult until about the 3rd man I passed (after I had made it up both hills) said...oh your back tire is flat! Guess I should have gone with wheelbarrow :)

I love Lily more each day and the joy she brings to our family is really beyond words. We are truly blessed.

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