When LOVE enters in...

Love shattered 400  years of silence with good news of great JOY. 

Love shed light into the darkenss. 

Love made room in a stable. 

Love came to the least of these first to announce the birth of a Savior. 

Love responds. 

Love pursues. 

Love changes lives. 

Love gave His one and only son. 

On December 18, 2009, love stirred a mother's heart to bundle her daughter with the warmest clothes possible and leave her in a park with the hope of giving her life. 

This choice...this great sacrifice of love has given us new life.  It has turned our world....right side up.

lily mink smile

The miracle of adoption has given me a glimpse of the great love that the Father lavished on me when HE chose me in love for adoption through Jesus Christ according to the purpose of His will (Eph. 1:5).

He looked beyond my sin. 

He saw my brokenness.

He chose me and my special need.

Every day He continues to pursue me and desires relationship with me. 


The One who created everything out of nothing chooses me?

Yes...and He chooses you...if you will only respond in childlike faith, trust and dependence. 

lily mink with bible

This unusual love has wrecked my world...in the best way possible...and I must respond.

Will I make room for love this Christmas?

Will I pursue Him?

lily bible distance

Will I hide in hopes of staying in my comfort? 

peek a boo mink

Will I love the least of these?

lily and oha mink

Will I love more by choosing to see through a different lens?

lily close up side view

Everything about the birh of our Savior is humble yet extraordinary.  It lacks every material possession yet it is filled with wealth beyond measure.

The very birth we celebrate is so often lost in the shadow of materialism, technology, social media, shopping, decorations, and business.

This birth...this extravagant gift...this great love is waiting for you and for me.

What will you choose this Christmas?

lily looking up




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