Sunday Snapshot {Family time at the beach}

family picture

After Christmas we went to SC to visit my parents.  It was a sweet time being able to visit with my sister and her family, my parents and grandmother.

Lily was NOT lacking for attention and she loved every minute of it!  

She was Santa's helper delivering all of our gifts.

santa helper with bag

She was the "sticker queen" putting stickers that my parents gave her on any willing participant! My brother-in-law Jim was among the many who got the sticker treatment.

jim and lily stickers

My dad said he kept the sticker she put on his phone just as a reminder of her :)

dad and lily bonk

She loved playing with her all of her new toys and waking up each morning to "Gaga" who graciously watched her so Michael and I could go running on the beach.

lily tea set

lily pjs

mom and lily

Going to the beach was the highlight of her trip. This girl was MADE for the beach and water. It was freezing the first day we took her out but that didn't stop her.

lily cold

She loved playing in the sand with her daddy

lily and michael bucket

...until he said it was time to go in to warm up and she was one sad little girl.

mom dad lily michael

The next day was a little warmer so I dressed her up again to try and capture some fun pictures.

lily purple hat looking up

lily with bucket

purple hat looking down

My Nana made the trip to SC so that she could be with all of us. It was such gift having her there and Lily just loves her "Ge". 

 She has such a servant heart and love for the Lord. I am thankful to have a grandmother who lifts us up each day in prayer. I know her words are sweet offering to our Savior.

dad nana lily

Lily had a ball playing with my beautiful nieces Marlee and Kelly...

marlee kelly lily playing

kelly and lily

The only downside is that I don't get to seem them often enough and they are growing up right before my eyes. It seems like only yesterday they were Lily's age coming to visit me for "amy camp".

marlee edited close up

kelly close up edited

My sister Debbie is one of my best friends and I loved the time we had to be together. This summer I gave her a jade bracelet that we bought in China. She has never taken it off because she wants to be able to tell Lily that she has had it on since the day she met her :)


My parents thought of everything and were such gracious hosts.  Thanks to my parents who were more than willing to "babysit"...Michael and I had our first date night out since we came home from China in March!  

I'm thinking more of these are definitely in order :)

Lily's first Christmas with us is one I will never forget.  It is filled with much JOY and memories that I look forward to sharing with her as she gets older.

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Sunday Snapshot


Diane said...

Beautiful photo's Amy. LOVE the ones of Lily at the beach, she is ADORABLE! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the story of your sister's jade bracelet, it brought tears to my eyes. Sisters are sooooo special:)

God Bless,

Unknown said...

What a great time! I love the last picture of Lily playing in the sand. Amazing light! Thank you for sharing!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

FABULOUS PHOTOS of a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!! Loved every last image...... and the story about your sister's bracelet? So very sweet.... next week when we are online for class, remind me to tell you about my jade bracelet story. I am sad to say, it doesn't end well:(



Unknown said...

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