Date night out with friends {Viking Cooking Class}

Last Friday night Michael treated us to a fun date night out with one of our favorite couples Amy and Scott. This was our second date night in a year and it was definitely one of my highlights from the week!

My parents were in town so we were able to relax and enjoy our night out together knowing Spencer and Lily were being spoiled just a touch from their Gaga and Papaw :)

We went to the Viking cooking school for a Classic Steakhouse menu...perfect for the boys who are meat and potato kinds of guys.

mushroom double blog

Mushroom Caps stuffed with Crab Imperial was our first side to prepare...yumm! The boys jumped right in and did a great job mixing and stuffing.

Next was the Bernaise Sauce which ended up being a huge fail because I forgot to read the directions and didn't separate the egg yolks. (I'm sure my sister is laughing right now because she would have known to do this without any directions!) 

It turned out to be to our advantage because the other team made extra for us so we had more time to socialize :)

Next up...Twice-Baked Tall Potatoes

potato double blog

As you can see, Amy and I were not working near as hard as my sweet husband.

My friend Amy has such a fun personality and always makes us laugh...

amy eating double blog

Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon...the most important part of the meal! 

Michael and Scott are both grill masters so we decided to put them in charge.

If you haven't figured it out by now...our husbands ended up doing most of the work while Amy and I had fun catching up with each other. Good thing they are both great in the kitchen.

amy and scott double blog

Scott asked Amy if it was time to turn the steaks...oops...was she supposed to be in charge of timing???

After all the hard work we sat down to enjoy steaks cooked to perfection. We topped off our fabulous meal with Bananas Foster.

finished product double blog

What a blessing it is to have friends who make your hearts full.  

It was a perfect night out...a much needed night out together.  Thank you Sunshine for treating us to something so fun! 

michael and amy kissing blog


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