Sparkle Critter Fun

Today was a rainy day...perfect for a craft day in my art room.

  lily side smile with critters blog

We picked up a package of sparkle critters at Target and Lily was in her element sorting through all the wiggle eyes and sparkly balls.

  lily opening craft blog

 This was her first attempt at using glue and surprisingly she did great.

  glue double

After finishing up all of our critters, Lily decided to find another use for the glue...pretending it was lotion for her body.


She was super proud of the finished product

looking down at sparkle blog

By now it was time for a snack so I brought out a special treat...Valentine M&M's!


Don't tell...but she did have more than "just one" :)

drink candy double blog 

After the sugar kicked in she played on the table while I was having 
fun behind the camera...

lily knees with smile blog

lily with hands on chin blog 

 Maybe she is dreaming up what our next craft will be...

lily chin smile blog


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