Forever Family Day...one year later

blog together at last

Sweet Lily...one year ago today we held you in our arms for the first time. Every detail of that day will be etched in my heart forever.

blog lily's tears

You clung tightly to an apple in your right hand and a little dum dum sucker in your left. It was the only thing left of what you had known to be safe and secure.
You were sad and grieving the loss of your foster family...the place you knew as home.

blog gotcha day kiss

Our hearts broke for you but we knew that the grieving must happen to give space in your heart to accept our love. Oh...how eager we were to pour every ounce of love we had into your broken heart.

blog lily's layers

You were sweating through layers and layers of clothes and your rosy cheeks were warm to the touch. Slowly we began peeling off the layers to give you some relief.

blog dad feeding lily

You were hungry and tired from your long journey to meet us. Your dad knew just what do and you slowly began to relax...looking into his eyes and feeling the  the comfort of his arms.

These tender moments were the beginning of our life together as a family.

Beautiful and hard.

God was making all things new.


Today, one year later, you are full of smiles and laughter.

You are my LIGHT and my hope.

You bring so much JOY to our family. I can't imagine life without you and I am so thankful that we did not miss out on the blessing of having you as our daughter.

You make being a Mom easy because you are so much fun. You are wise beyond your years.

You are perceptive, smart, playful, logical (like your daddy and brother!), and full of personality!

I would love to freeze you at this age but I know God has BIG plans for you and I look forward to watching that unfold.

Today is your special day and we celebrate the wonderful gift we have been given in YOU.

You were born in my heart and I am forever grateful for the privilege of being your Mom.

I love you sweet angel...beautiful child of God.


Enjoy the following video that tells the story of our adoption journey to bring Lily home to her forever family. I am working on a "year in reflection" video that will be coming soon :)


Gift of Grace said...

We all watched your video this morning and I cried through the whole thing. It is a beautiful video and a beautiful gift for Lily.It was very special for us to relive all those moments. The video with the giraffe was priceless! Love you guys. Happy forever family day!!

Unknown said...

Happy Family Day! Lily is a beautiful little girl!

Diane said...

Ooooooo Amy your video is so, so touching and Lily is God's Angel.
Beautiful post!
Happy Forever Family Day:) Can't wait to see your "year in reflection" video!
God Bless,

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Amy, you totally outdid yourself....... I am crying my eyes out. So very touching..... these girls are truly a gift from God. We are so very blessed.

I Love the purple and yellow dress..... mind telling me where you found that one? So pretty!!

Enjoy your weekend my friend~



TK Sharpley said...

PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS! Happy Forever Family Day!....the last photo says it all!
Thanks for sharing your life with me.

Amy Farrow said...

Wow...what else do you say? That was amazing!! Precious thing...I just love her and you all so much! Thanks for sharing that with us...except it made me cry at work!! xoxoxo Amy

Paige Code said...

I found your video on YouTube. I am just mildly obsessed with gotcha videos as my husband and I are also on this incredible journey of sdoption. I just can't get enough of the stories that families tell. Thanks so much for posting. Your daughter is beautiful.

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