Sunday Snapshot {Little Chef}

BLOG chef lily hiding

Our little chef is a resilient little girl. Just two days after surgery and she is off her pain meds and we even got a few smiles and laughs today!

After our pancake breakfast this morning she pulled out her basket of cooking supplies and we spent about an hour playing on the kitchen floor together.

BLOG chefl lily on floor hiding fork

She had fun hiding her forks for me to find...

BLOG chef lily hinding fork

and waiting for me to hide my eyes again so she could find a new spot.

BLOG dropping cheerios

Spencer and Lily had a Cheerio dropping contest and I happened to catch on in action before it hit the cup.

BLOG chef lily foot on trashcan

Every good chef always throws away the trash...Lily is no exception in this category :)

BLOG chef lily praying

She stopped to say a sweet prayer

BLOG chef lily looking at top

And helped me clean up when it was time for her suture cleaning routine. 

She is good as gold and doesn't move a muscle when I'm cleaning her stitches. We do this three times a day but so far, she doesn't seem to mind.

BLOG lily playing on phone

I let her watch Dora on my phone while I cleaned her sutures which is a rare treat for her since she doesn't watch any TV :)

BLOG lily looking down

As you can see she was one happy little girl!

She put her chef hat on again when it was time for lunch and looked up at me with those big brown eyes that melt my heart.

BLOG chef lily looking up

Today was a good day...really good in every way.

Thankful for healing and that nothing seems to stop our determined little girl.

The first picture was taken at the following settings
aperture 2.5
shutter speed 1/250
ISO 2500
Processed with Classic Color from Florabella 

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Ni Hao Yall


Unknown said...

What a little angel she is! Amazing just days after surgery they are so strong!

trina said...
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trina said...

Amy, she's adorable! I so enjoyed watching your Gotcha Day video! So precious. I love her!
Your little guy is a hoot. He reminds me of my 14 year old. :)
We used CCAI,too! And my Alexis designed the Henan Kids blog button that's on your side bar. :)

Beautiful Mornings Photography said...

HOW SWEET is she!??? Love her!! These images are so wonderful, and I love the PP on them!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh gosh, your little Lily just melts my heart! Every photo shows so much personality..... even after all that she went through this week, she is her happy little self! LOVE HER!

Beautiful pictures of your beautiful girl! So happy to hear and see that she is doing so well. We have been praying for her. Hope she continues to heal quickly and painlessly.



Stefanie said...

She looks fantastic... resilient indeed!

Unknown said...

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