Sweet cousin love

Rarely does a day go by that Lily doesn't talk about her cousin Zack and aunt Lizzy! She loves them both and her eyes light up every time I mention their name :)

This Wednesday was no different...after her speech therapy we met up with them at the mall to throw pennies in the fountain.

BLOG focused zack

Aunt Liz brought plenty of coins for the kids to throw and Zack was focused on getting his pennies to go to the highest part of the fountain.

BLOG lily throwing pennies

Lily followed suit and had fun tossing in her pennies too...they just didn't go as far :)

BLOG zack and lily in mall

We tried to get them to take only a few at a time to make it last longer but they didn't have the same idea in mind.

Love how Lily is looking up at her aunt as if to say "Can I really take some more???"

BLOG lily taking a break

Lily took a break to sanitize her hands while Zack continued to work through the rolls of pennies.

When the last of the pennies were in the fountain it was time to think about lunch. 

My dad sent me some money recently with the specific instructions of taking Liz and Zack out for lunch so we thought this would be the perfect day to cash in his treat!

BLOG waiting for zack

Lily anxiously waited outside the door for Zack to arrive!

BLOG five guys

Both of them had a hot dog and cleaned their plate.

We still had some money left so we headed up to sweet CeCe's for some yogurt!

I was busy catching up with Liz and didn't get any pictures of their yummy treats but did catch this one of Zack helping Lily put on her shoe...what a gentleman in the making!

BLOG zack at sweet cece's

On our way back to the car Liz and I got some inspiration for a fun photo shoot from this window display...Liz is SUPER creative and always coming up with something fun to try so stay tuned for some mustaches and bow tie pics!

BLOG paper source inspiration

Before we said our goodbyes I caught a few more shots of these two in action...

BLOG zack and lily outside five guys

Zack tried on Lily's pink sparkle shoes...

BLOG trying on pink shoes

...and decided that his spider man flip flops were a better fit!

Lils desperately tried to get a kiss out of him but he wasn't too sure about the stitches under her nose...he thought they may come get him!

BLOG waiting for a kiss

Maybe next visit she will get her wish because her stitches come out tomorrow!

Our morning with these two was just what the doctor ordered! 

They always bring such joy and laughter to our souls. Not to mention that her aunt Lizzy (and Mark) spoil her just a tad and she loves every minute of it!


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