Embracing the wind and cold at the beach

BLOG spencer close up

We woke up this morning at the beach to 40 degree temps and strong winds but some little and big person around the house were determined to put their toes in the sand.

Michael flew out yesterday for some work related business so it was just the 3 of us today. I procrastinated as long as I could before the troops began to get restless and we needed a plan. 
 So...we hopped in the golf cart to check out the beach before I committed to braving the cold temps.

BLOG HK just feet and buckets

As I suspected...the beach was EMPTY unlike two days prior when it was crazy busy with people everywhere.

Even though I was freezing the blue sunny skies and peaceful sound of the waves were calling my name so we headed back to the house to pack up lunches for a day of fun on the beach.

BLOG collage

Spencer and Lily started out all bundled up but as you can see they began to shed their layers throughout the day.

Me? Well..let's just say I kept nice and warm (somewhat) with my two coats and long pants.

Spencer started building a wind barrier wall which Lily quickly named "the great wall of China"!

They worked on it all afternoon and Lily was thrilled with their accomplishment. 
 Like all little sisters will do, she messed up some of Spencer's hard work but he was patient and understanding as always. She watches his every move and loves imitating everything he does.

BLOG lily looking at spencer

We enjoyed a beautiful day on the beach, almost all to ourselves. 
 Spencer helped me with a Hello Kitty photo shoot of Lils on the beach (more photos to come)
and then we headed up to the pool to finish off our day.

BLOG throwing up in water

I think this photo says it all...even though I didn't capture Lily's expression,  I'm sure you can only imagine the big smile she had on her face.

Their love for each other is something unique and I love watching it unfold.

Looking forward to my hubby being with us the rest of the week and hoping for some warmer weather!


Nancy @ Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 10 said...

SO jealous of your toe sand dipping! My favorite is the 2nd one with the blue pail... gorgeous colors!

likeschocolate said...

Now I am jealous of all of you who have spent the last week at the beach. Lovely photos!

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