Sunday Snapshot {fun with my girl}

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This past week I put my "to do" lists aside and just relished in the chance to spend some quality time with my girl. The past six weeks have been a little crazy trying to get ready for the art show I did last weekend. It was time to be still and enjoy the simple joys (and challenges I might add) that come with raising a 3 year old (if you ask Lily she is "almost tor" (aka "four").


Friday was a beautiful sunny day so we headed down to Merridees for lunch...one of our favorite spots in downtown franklin. (of course Michael says she doesn't know the difference and it's really ME who loves a good excuse to venture out to Merridees)

If you could see the way she devours their quiche and tea cakes you may tend to agree with me :)


I introduced her to their teacakes last year and she was hooked. She takes this very seriously as you can see and can finish off the entire cookie without any help from me.

BLOG lily smiles

We walked around downtown Franklin enjoying the beautiful day until she repeatedly said "I'm ready to go to the park"...shopping for me would have to wait for another day.

She always goes to the swings first and then ventures out to explore.

BLOG boat fun

She crawled aboard our "boat" and her imagination kicked in. She found a perfect spot for the keys to start the engine and then the adventures began..we went shopping at Publix for treats, hit some waves, and even went to China.

BLOG getting tired

Pretty soon the sugar crash happened and she was ready for a nap.

BLOG smile on the boat close up

I love spending time with my girl. She is so much fun and it fills my heart with joy to see the way others are drawn to her.  I am blessed beyond measure.

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Ni Hao Yall


Ruthie said...

precious photos! She is so beautiful!

abrianna said...

Wonderful rosy cheeks!

likeschocolate said...

Yummy on the behalf of the cookie and your daughter.

3 Countries 1 Love said...

Three is such a fun age!!

Tara said...

Looks like a very special day with your girl! Your pictures make me loooong for sunny warmer days at the park with my girls. It's nearing the end of March and it looks like we're in for a 'snow day' again tomorrow! What a winter here in CT!!!

Your pictures are lovely as is your family. Have a happy day ~tara

Fannie said...

Lovely pictures of a beautiful girl! Love them!! :)

Fannie said...

Also, just watched your family video and it is amazing! You guys did an amazing job with it, not gonna lie, I teared up!! Haha

Unknown said...

What a very fun day! Love your photos...always:)

Unknown said...

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