ruffles, glitter and feathers

Last week I decided to attempt my first "real" photos of the girls.  
Two moving targets are definitely more challenging than one.  
As you will see I have missed being behind my camera just a little.  

Mary Katherine had plenty of plastic tea set toys to choose from but decided that
her favorite would be the one breakable glass with a straw :)
Thankfully even after throwing it a few times we didn't have any shattered glass.  

Even Lily's lasso of love couldn't stop our little girl on the go for long.  
I had fun stepping back and watching them interact with each other.  
Lily, the nurturer always trying to take care of MK and teach her something new.  
Mary Katherine, full of zest for life and curious about everything around her.  
These give you a small glimpse into her personality.  
She has a smile that lights up the room and a little laugh that is contagious.  
She doesn't like hair clips or bows in her hair.
I love her little feet and the way the pad on her fourth little left toe is bigger than the rest making it 
stick down lower :)
She is fearless and will try most anything.  
She is our little heart warrior.  
After the tea party they found the bucket of feathers which led to lots of giggles and laughter.  

We ended with some hershey kisses love.  
Lily was very patient to get her share of the shiny silver treats.  
I laughed when I saw this last picture in camera.  
It is a perfect reflection of their personalities.  
Lily is our rule keeper, "You already have your stash.  You can't have mine" and Mary Katherine,
our little mischievous one hiding her stash of kisses asking for more :)

We are truly blessed beyond measure with our two China angels.  
I find myself looking at Mary Katherine and continue to stand in awe 
of how God orchestrated every detail to bring her into our family.  

Mary Katherine has her heart cath this Tuesday.  
Please be praying for our sweet angel.  
We will have a better road map for her future after this procedure.  
We know that God is in control and surrender to His perfect plan for our daughter.  


Laura said...

OH my goodness. Can't. So cute. You are a great photographer!

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing photographer! Love these !

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