Favorite Photo Friday {hugs and kisses part 2}

I let Spencer pick his favorite picture from our hugs and kisses photo shoot we did on Monday and these were some of my personal favorites.

Spencer has a great sense of humor and loves to make Lily laugh. Normally she is scared of his funny glasses but for some reason warmed up to him here :)

funny glasses blog

After we finished up with the backdrop they painted we went across the street to catch some of the beautiful sunlight. 

funny spencer blog

This makes one makes me smile.  
It may be one of my favorite pictures of both of them together.  
I can almost hear her her sweet laugh every time I look at it.

spencer holding lily laughing blog

My grandmother used to say...love isn't love until you give it away.  
They both do that so well.

love double blog

bench kisses blog

More hugs and kisses... 
I love how Lily is "cutting" her eyes at Spencer in the first one :)

hugs and kisses blog

hodling lily up blog

The look on his face here says it all...

quiet hug blog

This was the last good shot of the day before they both were "over it" and ready to go play!

spencer and lily shoulders blog

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL this week and we have LOVED being outside in the middle of February!  Michael has been out of town all week and "his girls" are ready to have him home:)

Happy Friday!  
Enjoy your weekend.  

Head over to my friend Lisa's blog to see more fun Favorite Photo Friday pics!  


Unknown said...

What sweet moments you captured!

Diane said...

Ooooooo Amy, these are just gorgeous!! You definately captured the love between brother and sister in ALL of these photo's. Just beautiful! I think your favorite is my favorite too..I can hear Lily's giggles in this photo:)

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Love these! What a sweet and precious relationship these 2 have. Love that your son is not afraid to show affection!

Anonymous said...

So very sweet! <3

the meaklims said...

There is SO much love in these pictures. These two are like two peas in a pod. What a beautiful relationship they share.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

OH I am lovin the soft hazy flare to this series.....and Spencer and Lily......OH SO CUTE!!! There is something about the love between a big brother and little sister that just melts my heart.

Hope you are doing well..... I am thinking of you and sending a few prayers your way.



Nikki said...

These are stunning! We should update the header.

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