a coke and a smile...

On Monday Lily woke up early so I decided to set up the paints and have fun creating with her.

BLOG gluing down paper

We started by making some flags and she did great using my palate knife and  tearing all the paper to glue for the stripes.

BLOG holding up flag

After our flags finished drying I took them outside to take some fun red, white and blue pictures. I grabbed one of Spencer's empty Coke bottles from his room as another prop for Lily to hold.

BLOG big smile with coke

She was quite intrigued with the bottle and started grinning from ear to ear.

BLOG lily with coke cap in mouth

After playing with it for awhile she asked for some milk so I ran inside to fill it up :)

BLOG sunglasses

Got milk???

BLOG sunglasses with milk mustache

A milk mustache and a Coke bottle are an unlikely combination 
but it seems to fit her well!

BLOG milk mustache looking down

She was completely in her element and full of personality...

BLOG close up with milk on mouth

She checked out every inch of the bottle

BLOG coke top focus

BLOG smile in chair double

Showed off her little toes :)

BLOG double feet

Then decided to try pouring the milk on top of her toes!! 
(drinking was over after this move :)

BLOG coke on toes

At this point the owl painting she worked on that morning was finally dry so I snapped a quick picture with the artist (I cut out the pieces but she did all the painting and gluing)

BLOG looking down at owl art

Pretty soon the heat started getting to both of us and she was ready to call it quits!

BLOG all finished

We headed inside for a picnic lunch on the kitchen floor with her favorite quilt.

BLOG sitting in chair bright light

Thankful for the brave warriors who are in the front lines every day fighting for our freedom and for the freedom we have in Christ.  

Happy 4th everyone!  


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