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I have been missing in action the past month spending any free moments I’ve had with a palette knife in hand painting in my art studio (aka I’ve completely taken over our dining room and living room as you can see in the photo below)  I'm thinking by the look on our dog's face she must think "her space" will be the next thing to go :)
I am gearing up to be part of the Artxtravaganza fine art show at the Webb School in Knoxville this weekend March 8-10th.  

BLOG studio

Photography and art are two of my favorite passions and creative outlets.  My grandmother was an artist and her creative spirit captivated me as a young child.  One of her beautiful paintings sits on the shelf right beside my art table.  Whenever I'm feeling my creative juices run dry I often gaze into this piece and wonder what she might create.  

BLOG art table

I will be forever grateful for Michael’s parents who have helped watch Lils on the days when she isn’t in school so I could paint.  My parents even made a trip down one week to help with her…I couldn’t have done it without their help, love and support.  My amazing husband has always supported my desire to try new things and I am so thankful that he walks by my side as I step outside my comfort zone a bit.  


My art is inspired mostly by God's truth and you will often find a label on each piece that relates to the scripture from which I was inspired.  

BLOG art collage

Here are a few pieces that I have been working on over the past month.
 To learn more about my art and how I desire to give back through my work
feel free to visit my website 2540designs.

My parents are joining me for the weekend and I am looking forward
to spending time with them and celebrating my Dad's birthday.

Michael is staying back to hold down the fort with the kids.
When I told Lily that I would be leaving tomorrow for my art show she said
 "You are going to miss me"...ahhh...that girl knows me well.
This will be my first time being away from her for longer than a night.
Hopefully I will be busy selling lots of art and the time will pass quickly!

It is hard to believe that this weekend (March 9th) will mark two years
since we boarded a plane for China to meet our sweet girl for the first time.

Feeling very thankful today...



TK Sharpley said...

Good for you! I hope your adventures in painting will do for you, what it has for me! I seem to be switching gears toward photography as well!
Hugs to Tom for his birthday! Your painting table looks like my photography table!!!!

likeschocolate said...

What a blessing to have such a talent!

Unknown said...

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