Gotcha day...one less broken heart!

Lily has stolen our hearts already and we have only been with her for about 8 hours.  It was a beautiful day filled with joy and grieving for our little angel. We found out that she has spent the last year with a foster family so today her heart is broken for what she has left behind.  She has shed some really big crocodile tears but we are thankful that she is letting it out and we will love her through this time of transition to her forever family. 
Our day began by going with the other three families to meet their children…a 12 year old boy, a little boy about 2 years of age and another little girl who is about 2 ½.  Watching these children meet their families for the first time is an experience I will never forget.  On our way back to the hotel (about 11:15) our agency rep got a call that Lily had already arrived at our hotel.  Yisha told us to go up to our room and she would bring Lily up to meet us.  My stomach was filled with butterflies knowing the moment we have been waiting for was about to unfold. 
I had always hoped that we would be able to meet her in a quiet, private moment and not in a large crowd of people we didn’t know…isn’t it just like our sweet Savior to orchestrate the moments in our lives that bring us peace.  Thank you God for answering my heart’s desire.  
When they handed her to me she was holding an apple in one hand, a lollipop in the other and she was dressed in about 4 layers of heavy clothing with bright red rosy cheeks.  She took one look at me and began to cry and I just held her trying to comfort her as best I knew how. 
Lily was sweating so bad we finally took off some of her layers to make her more comfortable.  What a delight it was to see her wearing one of the fleece hoodies that we sent in one of our care packages along with a bag if other items that we sent her.  We were also able to keep one of her “layers” as a reminder of her gotcha day. 
I had a few fleeting “I’m a horrible mom” moments when the bottle I brought wasn’t working and I dropped the jar of puffs on the floor.  My amazing husband stepped right in and helped me get my footing.  I love him even more after today.  I could not do this without him and I thank God for blessing me with a wonderful husband and friend…not to mention the best dad in the world for Lily and Spencer!
I could hardly wait to get her in a bath and change her clothes…at first she didn’t like it but by the end she was splashing with her feet and learning how to fill up the cup and empty it like we were doing…we even got a few smiles out of her.  Lily is making some big steps in just the few hours we have had her and we know there is more to come. 
Lily…you are beautiful, you are treasured, you are His.  This day will be etched in our mind forever.    
So now what you REALLY want to see…
Our first family picture when we met her

Feeding her some gerber puffs

still unsure...

grieving and sweating in all her layers

checking me out

Daddy's embrace

he has the touch!

finally resting

clean and ready for bed


Unknown said...

OMGosh what a cutie! And are those keys she's holding? Smart girl!! Only 14.5 more years til she gets her license!! Kelly gets her learners permit Wednesday. Love you so much :)

Unknown said...

May God Bless your precious new daughter. Of course, I'm sitting here crying...remembering. What a day. You will never forget these moments. Rob and I are so happy for you and excited for Spencer to meet his new sister. Lily will have him wrapped around her finger in no time! Look out Spencer! You have no idea what's about to bless your life so profoundly.

She's just beautiful. I know she was relieved to get those clothes off her. Try some diaper rash cream on her cheeks and the red should calm down. Our Lily Grace had those red cheeks from being so hot also.

I can't wait to meet your Lily. God Bless you sweet angel. So many people love you already!

Susan and Rob Lyons

Anonymous said...

What a blessing, she is so precious and we have been praying for all of your adjustments. We have enjoyed all your blogs and cried a lot. We are so happy for you....love you Wally and Jean

Unknown said...

Hey Dad and Amy Lily is so adorable and i can't explain how much i love her already even though i cant hold her yet. I cant wait to skype with you again. I love you and Lily a lot. Dad nice touch with lily and Amy she will get used to you very soon.

Jackie said...

What a blessing..wow I can't tell you how excited & happy I am for you guys. I can't wait to meet her. It seems like just yesterday when you announced you were adopting & now your daughter is in your arms. Enjoying the blogs keep us updated! Love ya!

Ann Rankin said...

What a beautiful little baby! She is so precious and so lucky to have her new family. We are praying for a smooth transition and for you all to feel the peace of our Lord in this divine intervention He has placed in your lives. Lily is truly a gift of God! Blessings to you all and thank you for letting us share in your joy! I am overwhelmed with elation for all of you!

Johanna said...

Oh how glorious, the love of our Lord to give you such a beautiful gift. he is so good!!! We are on this journey as well.....waiting, waiting, waiting. But, all will be so worth it!! Congratulations, she is so beautiful!! I will be following your story and praying for your transition as the Lord brings you to mind!!

suzanne said...

GWEN here... I am saying for all of us here at 147 that she is PRECIOUS ... those rosy cheeks and sweet sweet face ... We can't wait to meet her ...

love you bunches ... Gwen

Anonymous said...

Amen and Amen! Lily is beautiful!! Congratulations Mike and Amy. Please keep the posts coming. We are praying for all of you. Wo a ni.

Todd Galyon

Lindsay Schumaker said...

Oh my goodness, those cheeks! I bet she was glad to get those clothes off and into a nice bath! She is so precious! I can't wait to meet her! I will be praying that she settles in quickly and that you all get some good sleep tonight and in the evenings to come :)

Anonymous said...

All I see is contentment in her eyes; especially in daddy’s arms! I am sure she is wondering, “Who is this beautiful, blonde young lady?” What a wonderful family photo. The joy and love that radiates from you and Michael as you hold your new daughter is precious. Enjoy your time together and hurry home so we can all kiss those rosy, red cheeks of Lily’s. Blessings dear friend. God is so good! With hope, Michelle

Lala said...

I am sooooo happy for you! What a beautiful little girl! God is so good! I'm so glad you are writing this blog to share this incredible experience! May God continue to bless you and your family!
Love, Laura Savinda

DebM said...

YAY!!!!! We are just celebrating 3 weeks with our little one! and seeing your pictures brings it all back! Enjoy every moment!!

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