Our first days together

First of all we would like to thank everyone for your prayers and for the comments you have posted…we have treasured each one of them during our time here.  They lift our spirits and outside of being with Lily, they are the highlight of our day!
As I write, I listen to the sweet sound of our sleeping child and the stillness of the early morning…well…famous last words…just as I wrote those words Lily woke up!  Guess I should start a little earlier tomorrow morning. 
We are on our second full day together as a family and she is slowly coming out of her shell.  She has been attached to my hip since the first night thus the reason for the delay in my update!  At this point she isn’t going to Michael without getting very upset which leaves momma’s arms feeling like they have been doing some serious Pilates planks!  Let me just say, I was loving my ergo baby yesterday afternoon when we took a trip to the Lotus shopping mart (kind of like our Wal-mart but 3 stories and in the grocery section all the food is self-serve..lying out in containers unwrapped for you to bag up what you want…including the raw meat!)
We get a lot of curious looks from people until I show them our card that tells them we have come to adopt Lily into our family.  The moms will hold up their babies and get them to try and make her smile and others will give us the thumbs up.  Others still look a little confused as to what we are doing…
Yesterday we went to the registration office and received our paperwork that finalized our adoption so Lily is legally ours!  She was fast asleep for the auspicious celebration.  Then we went to the notary to complete some additional paperwork for her passport that we will receive on Friday before we leave for Guangzhou. 
Our registration picture- before the final adoption paperwork was completed
(holding her racquetball that she loves)

Our legal adoption paperwork...she is ours!
We stopped for lunch on the way back and saw a little bit of her personality come out.  She is little miss independent at times wanting to feed herself.  Congee (kind of like thick soupy rice) and yogurt have been her favorite things to eat so far.  This morning at breakfast I slipped in some meet and egg whites into the congee and she devoured 2 bowls full.  Michael and I aren’t sure what we had to eat yesterday for lunch…it was supposed to be some spicy chicken but it was mostly just bones that had been fried…thank goodness for breakfast, power bars and M&M’s!    
amazing what a little water can do to bring out a good smile!
Here are some highlights from our first days together…last night she only woke up once, she has gone to the bathroom on the big potty several times already, she walked to me with a little help from Dad, she took a bath by herself last night, and she loves to read books.  We also got some smiles from her at breakfast this morning when she was trying to throw her cheerios on the floor and I told her no…she just looked at me and laughed…mischief is in our future no doubt!
bath time might be of my favorite parts of the day!
After breakfast by the fresh lilies in the front lobby

All in all we think she has made some big strides and we look forward to the days ahead.  We are enjoying a free day today just getting to play with her and bond together.  Maybe we will even find something yummy to eat for lunch today!  I hear Guangzhou has some fabulous pizza so I am sure we will be getting that frequently.  Can you tell I’m growing weary of noodles and rice?  Michael asked me what I wanted for dinner last night and I told him... Mexican J 
My sweet husband is doing our laundry in the bath right now...what a great guy I have!   Spencer we loved seeing your sweet smile last night...hopefully you will get to see Lily soon when she is awake and happy!  Hugs and kisses.  
More to come...  



Anonymous said...

Just had to be first today to post. She is So Precious and we Love youall So Much. Cannot wait to see you. Have a Wonderful Evening. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Being able to see her come alive each day is breathtaking. Also another joy for me is seeing the pride and joy on your face as you look into her eyes and lovingly work with her. Here we are up looking at these pictures at 5:00am our time. We couldn't wait any longer to see if you had posted anything. Have a wonderful day discovering new things about her. Love, Mom

Lindsay Schumaker said...

I love all of the pictures and your narration! It makes me so happy to see Lily in your arms especially since she's officially a member of the Rankin family! Wow...what a gift!

Keep posting pictures! I can't wait to see and hold (maybe if she'll let me!) Lily when you all return. Until then, keep us posted :) Go find that pizza place!

Brad Hoover said...

She is an intelligent one for sure! Great to see the video. Daddy - get ready - you are already her #1 guy and always will be.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! Thank you for sharing your blog! Your Volunteer Services and Child Life friends at Children's Hospital are celebrating this amazing milestone. Prayers are lifted for you, your husband, Spencer and all of your family and friends as you bring sweet Lily home with her 'forever family'. Lily is beautiful, your family is beautiful! We miss you at the hospital volunteering, but could not be more happy for you. Blessings, Stephanie VanDyke

pphipps7378 said...

I can't wait to meet Lily! We will introduce her to a hot dog at Vandy Baseball! I am so happy for all of you! Especially Spencer! What a great big brother Lily is going to have! I love to see the pictures of all of you. She is a beauty! I hope you find that Mexican restaurant!

Love to all!

Pat Phipps

Tiffany said...

Wow, can't believe she is really in your arms and forever in your family. We loved the video, so sweet! It is so precious to see you there and know that God answers prayers in the sweetest way. Speaking of sweets, when Chip read your post, he automatically started talking about taking M&Ms to China. HAHA! We saw the picture of her little friend. If its not too late, find out anything that could help us track him down, especailly DOB and SN. I'm not even going to allow myself to hope...

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