Packed and ready for Guangzhou

This afternoon at 4:30 pm we board our plane for Guangzhou where we will complete additional paperwork to get her visa.  We are one step closer to bringing Lily home. 

I have mixed feelings about leaving Henan today...her homeland province.  I think about her birth-mom and her foster mom and wonder what emotions they have when they think about Yuexin.  Yesterday we received a copy of the newspaper ad that showed her finding in the Nanyang city park on December 18, 2009.  She was listed with about 20 other children...most of whom had cleft lip and palate.  

Yesterday we took Lily to a nearby park and I thought about our little girl being left alone in the park on a cold December day.  I do not know the circumstances that brought her birth-mom to make that choice but I know that God's hand was in the details of it all.  I can't even imagine the depth of pain she must have had when she walked away.  I hope that in some way her foster mom and birth-mom will be flooded with a peace knowing that she has a forever family who will lover her emmensly. 

Today was a turning point for Lily in many ways...she woke up happy to see us...not crying.  She sat by herself in a high chair for breakfast and let me feed her (she has not left my lap for 4 days expect one other time).  When we came back to the room she played with her toys on the bed and actually let me walk away from her for the first time.  She has been full of smiles today and exploring new things.  I love to watch her figure out how things work.  She is quite determined and has the perseverance to stick with something until she masters it.  I love seeing life through her eyes. 

We will update more when we get to Guangzhou.  Thank you all for your continued prayers.  We feel them flooding our souls with peace and hope. 

Hope these make you smile...

At the park on a sunny day.

Our Lilypad!

Happy girl loves the water!


Anonymous said...

3-18-11 I am so happy Lily is Happy; I too have been thinking about the Birth Mom and Foster Mother and I know they must feel sad; If they could only see her Joy now. Have a wonderful time and get some pizza; Mexican is waiting when you get home. God Bless you all and we Love you So much. Dad

Unknown said...

Hi Guys,

I love those smiles and your blog. Makes me cry as usual. I wish I could reach through and kiss that precious face. Can you believe how much you love her. I never quite understood how much God could love me and be my Father until he showed me with our Lily Grace. It's an amazing thing.

Enjoy shopping in Guangzhou....it's fun, fun, fun!!! Did I tell you that Gymboree clothes are made there? You can find them on Shamien Island in many of the stores for 1/3 the price here. Enjoy "girl" shopping.



Heather said...

She looks just wonderful, I simply love her round cheeks:) Enjoy the shopping at Guangzhou!!!

It is hard to leave Henan and you will never stop thinking about that part of her life. Just remember to acknowledge that part of her life with her as she grows up;)

pphipps7378 said...

Lily is the cutest! I love the pictures you posted and glad you didn't loose your footing! It is a beautiful city and looks so clean.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers for a safe trip home!


Lindsay Schumaker said...

Oh, all of those smiles are just precious! She looks like she's so happy...I love it!

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