One more day!!

Needless to say, we are giddy with excitement about tomorrow!  We leave our hotel at 9:30 am tomorrow morning (Monday) to go with the 3 other families in our group to be the video/picture crew for our new friends when they receive their children.  After that, we will come back to our hotel and meet Lily around noon (we are 13 hours ahead- central time).   

Can you believe it???  It is really quite surreal for us as we sit in our hotel room and see an empty crib knowing that tomorrow night our daughter will be sleeping with us.  Tomorrow at noon Lily will be with her forever family...orphaned no more.  God sets the lonely in families...HE is the creator of family and family trumps culture everytime.  

While our excitment is bubbling over we also know that in the midst of joy there will also pain in the loss of what she has known the past 15 months of her life.  Regardless of what that looked like...it was hers...it was her securtiy...and she will be leaving the only thing familiar to her. We just pray that in time, God will bridge that gap and that she will accept the love we are ready to pour into her life.  

When we arrived in Zhengzhou today we received some new updates on our Lily...here is what we have learned:
  • She eats 3 times a day and likes steamed bun, noodles and meat (a carnivor lover just like her dad and brother!)
  • She is learning to walk
  • She is very active and lively!!!
  • She likes baths
  • She likes animals (yay!)
  • She sleeps with an adult and likes to sleep on her side without the lights on.  We asked Yisha about this and she thinks that Lily may have been fostered out of the orphanage...we will find out more tomorrow
  • She wears diapers but is beginning toilet training during the day
Tonight we will almost breathe the same air as we sleep.  Tonight sweet child is your last night without a family..may God prepare your heart as you make the journey to meet us.  We will be waiting with open arms. 

I have prayed this verse over Lily almost every night so I will end with this prayer from Proverbs which was my Mimi's favorite verse..."when you lie down may you not be afraid; when you lie down, may your sleep be sweet."  Proverbs 3:24

Sweet dreams little angel...

our travel group (pre-adoption)

waiting for Lily


Anonymous said...

Your post today has brought many tears of joy to our eyes. It was great to hear about her activities and what she likes. The best part will be seeing her in your arms and in that crib. We will be anxiously awaiting the video of her being place in your loving arms.
We love you.
Love, Mom and Dad

Jackie said...

OMG..Micheal & Amy, we are so excited for you & can hardly wait to see her with her family. Such a beautiful verse to pray over her. It's in the middle of night there & know while you sleep we are praying for you. Can't wait to see when I wake up in the am if you will be holding your daughter!! Prayers & we love you!Thanks for being the hands & feet of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I am holding back the tears reading your post today. Oh how lucky Lily is to have you as her Mother (and Michael as her father). We celebrate with you.............please give Lily extra hugs, kisses and the words "you are loved by many back home" from us. Love you Amy. Robin

Brad Hoover said...

What joy your blog and experiences are bringing. So thankful you guys are not affected by the horrific disaster in Japan. I'll be listening for daddy Michael singing "Jesus Loves Me" later tonight to sweet Lily.
Brad H.

Tiffany said...

Holding my breath, thank you Lord, it is almost time!

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy!!!! I just can't believe it's time! I'm about to go to bed knowing that you are about to rise with so much excitement and anticipation. We will be praying you through the next few days for sure as the adjustment to each other begins. I just can't wait for your two eyes to meet and you finally get to hold her. We love you guys and we are just so excited for your Lily to come home.

Love, Amy- Brian, Brooke, Reese & Mallory

Julie said...

We are so excited for you!! We are praying for you!
Brent, Julie, Frances, and Libby Tanner

Unknown said...

I just saw a picture of her with a Daisy in her hair. Just precious :)Literally watched the clock yesterday!! Praying for you.......
Love,Deb,Jim,Marlee,& Kelly

Lindsay Schumaker said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your updates each day. You are a natural writer....making us feel as though we are almost there with you! Can't wait for your video and pictures today with Lily! Hurry up already and get them posted! :)

Anonymous said...

Watching you, Michael and Lily this morning was a very special picture of joy. Amy, you are a natural Mother and Michael a special Father. I know this grieving period that Lily is going through is hard for all of you, but she will soon come to accept all of the love you both have for her. Can't wait to hold her in our arms.
Love, Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy & Michael,

What a wonderful vehicle (this website) to use to share your experience with Lily in China. It allows your fiends to laugh and cry and experience your journey in finding and bonding with Lily with ringside seats.

We rejoice with you and for you in knowing that God has prepared the perfect family to receive Lily. You are precious people to complete this endeavor of love and Lily is a very blessed beneficiary!

We will pray for your safety and smooth sailing with the rest of the requirements to bring Lily home.

Thank you so much for sharing your journey !

Love & Prayers,

Ron & Paula RIchardson

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