Loving my Sherpa and thankful for the simple gifts...

You know you must be feeling better when you wake up to poop all over your arms and you don't get sick!  It's been a rough couple of days on the home front and we appreciate your prayers and kind words.    
Tomorrow is another big day...we leave at 7:00 am to go to our consulate appointment. This should be a good test for getting Lily up and going early for our trip home in just a few days.  She likes to snuggle and wakes up VERY slow in the mornings...should be a lot fun!
Michael has been amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better Sherpa!  He continues to stay steadfast even when his wife is sick and his daughter still won’t let him hold her without crying. He looked at me last night and said “you are beautiful even when you are sick”…just the medicine I needed. 
Even in the midst of some definite lows the past 48 hours I am thankful for the simple gifts like….finding a “real” bathroom just in time (if any of you have even been to the Chinese bathrooms you will know what I’m talking about!)…giggles from our Lilypad…watching her start to walk…sprite and ice cubes…a stroller that Lily loves…learning words like “boola” (no), deng deng (wait)…howla (it’s ok)…and “booka” (don’t cry) which have been our life line…a good night's rest...the fact that Michael didn’t make me take a second dose of the Chinese herbs that Kathy gave me (they looked like caviar and tasted horrible…she told me this morning that they induced sickness!!!  Good thing I didn’t know about that when I took it the first time)…having two days of no meetings…and being two days closer to coming home. 

Today we took the famous red couch photos.  It is a tradition for all the families who have adopted to take pictures on the red velvet couches that are in the lobby of our hotel.  As you can see…the kids are not quite sure what to think of it all.

Hanna, Grace, Lily, Shaupoo, Silay, Daniel and Mary

Our travel group and all of our children

Lily is testing the waters no doubt and we are learning that she responds best when we are very firm with her (as the Chinese women do with their children).  She can turn it on and off like a light as you can see below from our photo shoot this morning…I know in time her smile will be bright and happy in the arms of her daddy who loves her so much. 

I'm thankful today was better.  Sherpa is wiped out from taking care of both his girls...hugs to all. 


Anonymous said...

So glad that today is better. We thought of you all day and said little prayers along the way. Sounds like all of our training with Love and Logic is going to come in super handy! Time to introduce the "uh oh's!" Hope the 7:00am appointment goes real smooth. Thanks for the updates.

All the best tomorrow and for the flight home!
Love you guys!
Nancy :)

Unknown said...

Boy do I know what it's like to be sick in China and only have squatty-pottys!!! Glad you found a western toilet :)

Now that you're on the mend, treasure your final memories of China before heading home! We can't wait to see you.........

Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! These pictures are wonderful. She is so cute walking. Looks like she will be into everything and keeping you VERY busy. I especially loved the one of Michael and Lily sleeping. So good talking to you last night. Looking forward to seeing you in person soon. Love,Mom

Anonymous said...

Amy and Michael, thank you so much for getting up close and personal with us. I've enjoyed every second of y'all's parental journey and will continue to pray for y'all's safe travel. Lily is absolutely precious. What a blessing! I just can't wait for her first "viewing" at Pawleys Island!! Marietta

Jackie said...

Amy, so glad you are feeling better. You will need your strength when you get home. I laughed at the picture of you holding Lily who was very content..then the next picture of her with Michael. Total change..haha she'll get there. Just a few more days til your home hang in there.
Love ya..Jackie

Anonymous said...

Wow Amy! What a journey you have had and it has been so amazing to
read your blogs! We look forward to seeing your daily adventures.
We have been holding you close in our prayers and a very special
prayer for the Serpa!! I know you are looking forward to getting home!
Patty & Warren

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