Highlights from Beijing

Today we met the three other families who are traveling with our group.  Three of us are adopting from Henan, Lily's home province.   George, our agency rep,  led us around Beijing and he has been wonderful.  One of the things that led us to this agency is their amazing in-country support and so far it has been extremely smooth. 

Highlights include...finding something to eat for breakfast that didn't have eyes, beautiful sunny weather, going to the silk market, meeting Mr. Ho...a calligraphy artisian in Hutong, our first taste of REAL Chinese food for lunch, touring Tiannamen Square and the Forbidden City and finding some Coldstone for a yummy treat after dinner!  George told us we may receive some "free massages" in the Frobidden City (a.k.a. pick-pocketing) and he warned us to stay away from the "mosquitos"...people trying to sell us local gifts!   Apparently it is a Chinese custom to sleep on "earth beds" so our beds are quite hard but last night the floor would have been a delight after being on the plane.  

While I am loving the opportunity to expereince the homeland of our daughter, my favorite part of the day was watching the children we passed throughout the day and seeing the look of wonder and hope in their eyes.  Our hotel has an ice skating rink in the basement floor and both nights we paused to listen to the laughter of the children and see the smiles on their faces.  

It makes me think about our sweet Lily and wonder what her life has been like up until now...does she have a caregiver who is loving on her?...has she seen the sunlight and played outsite?...has she experienced the power of an embrace?...has anyone told her "wo a ni" (I love you)?...does she laugh and giggle like these children we saw today..?  

These are questions that most likely will go unanswered and we will probably never know the extent of her life experience these past 15 months but what I do know is that we will meet her where she is and wherever that may be, it will be perfect and we walk hand in hand with her in the journey that lies ahead. Thank you God for entrusting us with Lily.   

Outside the Forbidden City
fun shopping for Lily at the silk factory!


Lindsay Schumaker said...

It warmed my heart to read your post this morning...so glad you all are finding your way among the culture :)

Anonymous said...

We Love you so much. The Clothes are beautiful.
T & M

Tiffany said...

What a beautiful post, and you are so correct, you hold sweet Lily's future and will be able to give her so much love, and God has had her all along.
It is surreal to see you 2 in China after just having been with you in the McDonalds living room! Chip and I still cant really grasp that you are there, about to hold her in your arms... so happy, not crying...;)

alla said...

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