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Words cannot express the joy we have being home.  When I saw our family and close friends at the airport close to midnight last night, peace flooded over my soul.    

Our trip was LONG…17 hours on our flight from Beijing and barely making our connection in NJ, but God’s angels surrounded us every step of the way and we most definitely could feel your prayers.  Lily did AMAZING the entire trip and when we stepped off the plane in Nashville she had the biggest smile on her face as if to say “this is where I belong”!  She studied all our friends and family waiting for us at the gate and she took to her big brother in no time at all.  She loves her ge ge!

Today we made some more milestones with Lily which made any jet lag I was feeling make it all worthwhile … she has been loving on her Daddy and she let him feed her breakfast, she snuggled up in the chair with Spencer and played with him, she is walking more, and she has officially been in all of her grandparents arms with a smile on her face!  She has smiled and laughed a lot today…baby girl loves being the center of attention!  I’m sure the honeymoon will come crashing down when everyone leaves and she is left with just mama to entertain her everyday- ha!

We have a tradition with Spencer of making homemade buttermilk pancakes on Saturday mornings.  I told him last night on the way home I would make him some…of course he was so thoughtful and said “that’s not necessary because I know you will be too tired.”  Not the case…we made a quick stop by Kroger on the way home last night at 1 am and the tradition continued this morning…guess who else likes them????  My mom and dad bought us some yummy filets for dinner tonight and we invited Michael’s parents to join us.  My amazing husband grilled up a fabulous dinner that hit the spot after two weeks of noodles and rice.  Now I just need my Mexican fix!

A fire is crackling as I write this post and everyone is asleep…I look back over the last year and see where we are today and shutter to think how life would be different if we had not taken this step faith.  Thank you God, for nudging our hearts and giving us the courage to step out in obedience.  Our home is already filled with more laughter and joy…unspeakable joy. 

Jet lag may hit hard tomorrow or in the days to come but for tonight, I am relishing in the moment of having Lily home and in our arms. 

We have two referral pictures that are framed and sitting in our kitchen that we have looked at every day since November 3, 2010.  When we came home last night I noticed that sitting right next to these pictures was a picture of the 3 of us from our trip that my mom had framed.

The reality hit me that we will no longer have to look at her picture and wonder where she is, who is taking care of her or imagine what she is doing.  She is home…where she belongs…the forever family God chose for her long before we even knew her or dreamed about her.

This is home…

enjoying some ice cream in Beijing
our "home" for 17 hours
getting settled in for the long journey home

Lily and I in the cockpit withe the Captain!
He aked her what she was hiding her cheeks :)

Spencer doing puppets with Lily
More pictures to come!  Having technical difficulities right now so I'll try again tomorrow.  Off to get some sleep...


Anonymous said...

I was laying in bed awake (jetlag) and wondering how Lily was doing. I got teary eyed seeing how well she is doing with Michael and Spencer! Grace is still having a rough time, praying that a full night of sleep will do her a lot of good today. Miss you guys.

Jackie said...

Oh Amy..we wanted soo much to come to the airport. Morgan was so mad at me. I am so glad you all did well on the way home. I called you yesterday..went straight to voice mail, so didn't know if you got it. Lily looks llike she fits right in & has adjusted extremely well..of course shes had lots of prayer, how could she not. Love you all & can't wait to meet her.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Lily!!! Can't wait to meet you. Glad you are back safe and sound!
Nancy :)

Polly said...

So happy for you all! Can't wait to meet Lily in person.
Love and continued prayers, Polly

pphipps7378 said...

Welcome home sweet Lily! Amy, I am so glad you all had a safe trip back and I hope you will get some much needed rest over the next few days. I would love to bring dinner to you all one night just let me know when is a good time. I can't wait to see the four of you! Spencer and Michael must be beaming! I know you are because you just feel your happiness in your diary! You are going to be the best mom too! I can already tell! Love to all of you!

Pat Phipps

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